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Gothic Storm – Dark Guardians

Hi guys, this is another quite uplifting style of music. It fits particular battle scenes quite well but unfortunately it´s so short. Nevertheless, check it out. Let´s hope that there will be another version in the near future, who knows. Enjoy such good work ! Divinum Music rocks again ! …

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Blizzard at Legion Café in Cologne during Gamescom 2016 – Patch 7.1 Teaser – Karazhan´s coming back and even more stuff on the horizon

Hi guys, I´m just too surprised at the moment. Blizzard has just released a very short teaser trailer regarding 7.1, so the first actual content patch after release. I´ve just hung out on Slootbag´s stream, talking to Pottm of Serenity and Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas from Blizzard Entertainment in the last minutes. …

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