BfA – Notes (Exorsus Raid Tools) for Uldir Heroic – based on Wowhead (Fatboss Guides)

Hi guys,

Uldir Heroic has just released on live servers. As my own guild is going to start to check out this difficulty tonight, I´ve written down some “notes” for Exorsus Raid Tools that we link while fighting.

Perhaps it will help you out a bit, to learn the new encouters like we probably will do !

Please, bear in mind that things could change, notes are not written in stone !


More BfA content to be updated in near future (videos, streams etc.) !

!!! Upcoming notes based on the following source: Wowhead !!!


Uldir Heroic


I Taloc Heroic

Taloc Heroic


P1 (60 – 35%)


|cffff0000Plasma Discharge|r: move to {triangle}


|cffff00ffCudgel of Gore|r: 30 + yards away from area mentioned


|cffff0000Sanguine Static|r: remain close to the boss to sidestep the bolts



P2 (70 seconds)


Volatile Droplet (adds): stack up as group to cleave and AoE cc


Coalesced Blood (adds): moving as a group when Blood Storm pool spawns


do not fall down the edge of the elevator



P3 (35 – 0%)


Bloodlust + potions: kill off all remaining adds from P2


tank soaking new Volatile Droplet adds (edges of the room)

in general same strategy like in P1





Whilst In chamber


boss being tanked near the |cff00ffffDefense Grid|r


|cffff0000Sanitizing Strike|r: do not stand in front of the boss


|cffff0000Purifying Flame|r (patches): keep distance to


|cff0000ffWind Tunnel|r (push-back): stand in the middle of the chamber and run against


|cff00ffffUldir Defensive Beam|r: move with the rotation


Bloodlust + potions: in Chamber 3 (100% extra damage to the boss)

Whilst passing the Defense Grid


passing in small groups (at earlier energy levels)


Group 1: PH

Group 2: PH

Group 3: PH

Group 4: PH

Group 5: PH

Tank (PH):  last


|cffffff00Remnant of Corruption|r (Clinging Corruption cast): interrupt, cc (stuns, silence etc.) and kill asap


everyone has to leave the chamber before reaching 100% energy



III Fetid Devourer Heroic

Fetid Devourer Heroic


|cffffff00Terrible Thrash|r: tanks stand next to each other


Malodormous Miasma|r (transitioning into Putrid Paroxysm): focus healing for afflicted players


|cff00ff00Rotting Regurgitation|r (breath): stand near the boss to side step when boss reaching full energy


Corruption Corpusles (adds): nuke them down asap ; within 20 seconds after spawning


|cffffff00Shockwave Stomp|r (knock-back): use a wall to reduce distance


Fetid Frenzy (extra damage to the boss): cooldowns at approx. 50% boss hp


6 minute enrage timer

IV Zek´voz, Herald of N´zoth Heroic


Zek´voz, Herald of N´zoth Heroic


|cffff00ffSurging Darkness|r: move to the safe area (watch out for explosion damage)



P1 (100 – 65%)


|cffff00ffEye Beam|r: when targeted, move away from the group


|cffffff00Silithid Warrior|r (adds): stack up behind the boss and nuke them asap



P2 (65 – 30%)


|cffff00ffRolling Deceit|r (debuff): move away from the group to place the Ominous Cloud in low-traffic areas


|cff00ffffNerubian Voidweaver|r (adds): focus them down one by one !



P3 (30 – 0%)


|cffff00ffOrb of Corruption|r: soak it before it lands on the ground


|cffff00ffWill of the Corruptor|r (mind control): afflicted player has to leave the group before mind control (unless a 6 second-fear within 8 yards) (Void Wall) ; effect only ends on death


V Vectis Heroic

Vectis Heroic


P1 (90 seconds)


|cffff00ffOmega Vector|r: evenly sized groups to bounce around (10 – 15 yards away from other groups)


|cff00ff00Lingering Infection|r (debuff): slightly stay away from others if higher stacks


Gestate|r (adds): stay 5 yards away from distinctive bounce group if affected (before spawning)


|cff00ff00Contagion|r (cast): defensive cooldown if higher Lingering Infection stacks



P2 (35 seconds)


|cffff00ffOmega Vector|r: 2 players from each group understood to bounce throughout the phase (others have to keep distance)


Liquefy|r (pools): avoid standing in


Blood Geyser|r (lines): dodge it !


|cffff00ffPlague Bomb|r (zone): one player soaking (to prevent Plague Amalgam (adds) from soaking, otherwise kill it off)

VI Zul, Reborn Heroic

Zul, Reborn Heroic


always add damage > boss damage


P1 (100 – 40%)


|cffff00ffDark Revelation|r (debuff): 2 players afflicted have to move to {triangle} + {square} ; the others have to watch our for explosion


|cffffff00Minion of Zu|rl (adds): kill it off via ranged damage or purge it


Nazmani Crusher|r (adds): avoid standing in front of it due to Bloody Cleave


|cff00ffffNazmani Bloodhexers|r (adds): highest priority ; keep them apart at all costs ; 1 hunter ccing one add via trap ; interrupt Bloodshard (cast) ; kill off Animated Ichor (add) after spawning


|cffffff00Bloodthirsty Crawgs|r (adds): kill them off before they reach 100% energy



P2 (40 – 0%)


|cffff0000Rupturing Blood|r (cast): if affected, never stand in front of Zul (large pool spawning when expiring)


|cffff00ffDeathwish Explosion|r: stand loosely behind Zul in the middle of the room to avoid


Minion of Zul|r (adds): kill it off via ranged damage or purge it


|cffff00ffPool of Darkness|r: 1 ranged player soaking


VII Mythrax Heroic

Mythrax Heroic


All phases


Existence Fragement|r (orbs): gather orbs to remove Annihilation (stacks) ; leave any orbs for players with high stacks ; tanks keep on gathering whilst not tanking





|cffff00ffOblivion Sphere|r: spread at least 8 yards from one another ; displace and attack charmed players


|cffff00ffObliteration Blast|r (cast): move out of the path ; if too clustered, stacked raid moves together in specified direction


Imminent Ruin|r: if affected, move 40 + yards away


|cffff00ffEssence Shear|r: atimed towards the tank ; do not stand in front of the boss





|cffff00ffOblivion Sphere|r (orb): spread out at the beginning


|cff0000ffExistence Fragment|r (orb): do not gather them in this phase ; positioning is way more important


|cff00ffffVision of Madness|r (adds): interrupt and cleave them down


|cff00ffffN´raqi Destroyer|r (adds): focus them down and keep interrupting Void Volley (cast)


|cffff00ffObliteration Beam|r: dodge it at all costs !


|cffff00ffOblivion Veil|r: avoid standing in


VIII G´huun Heroic

G´huun Heroic


All phases


|cff00ff00Explosive Corruption|r (debuff): move to the edge of the room ; dodge Virulent Corruption (orb) to reduce debuff stacks


|cffff0000Blood Shield|r: do not damage the boss as he constantly heals itself




Upper Platform


Power Matrix|r: players (PH) transport north along to deposit it into the Reorgination Drive ; if rooted, use Extra Action Button to throw it to near raid members


Amorphous Cysts|r: damage them to reduce slow


5 minute debuff after deposit






|cff00ffffCyclopean Terror|r (adds): focus them down and interrupt Torment (cast)


|cff00ffffDark Young|r (adds): stand near when it casts Dark Bargain (avoid 2 stacks at all costs, otherwise you have to be killed by raid)


|cff00ffffBlightspreader Tendril |r(adds): tank it and interrupt Decaying Eruption (cast) asap ; it has to die before reaching 0% energy (Burrow)



P2 100 – 15%


|cff00ff00Wave of Corruption|r (cast): stay spread 5 yards ; only stack on the player afflicted shortly before Blood Feast (to remove Putrid Blood (stacks)) ; spread afterwards asap


|cff00ffffGibbering Horror|r (adds): nuke it and stop casting on Mind-Numbling Chatter (cast)



P3 15 – 0%


entire raid to be spread 5 yards


|cff00ff00Collapse|r (cast): move away


Reorgination Drive: does not work in P3 !


Putrid Blood (stacks): will not me removed until end of the fight (soft-enrage)


|cffff0000Malignant Growth|r: 3 large areas of the encounter sprace in red growth (swell over 8 seconds to explode in 8 yard range)


Gaze of G´huun|r (cast): face away, otherwise 6 second-fear

MfG Tobi

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