BfA – DPS Guides for Battle of Dazar´alor Heroic – based on Fatboss Guides (PTR videos and Wowhead guide)

Hi guys,

Battle of Dazar´alor Heroic will hit live servers in a couple of hours. As my own guild is going to check out this difficulty level in a bit, I´ve written down some short guides. You could also change it to some “notes” for Exorsus Raid Tools that you link while fighting.

Perhaps it will help you out, to learn the new encounters.

Please, bear in mind that things could change, these guides are not written in stone !

based on Fatboss Guides on WowHead and YouTube (source)


Battle of Dazar´alor Heroic

DPS Boss Guides


1 Champions of Light

  • Bloodlust at start (or at approx. 30% boss hp)


  • just stack at start
  • nuke boss as long as Seal of Retribution (an aura buffng adds) is up
  • purge adds which have been hit by wave


  • switch to adds asap when Seal of Reckoning is chosen
  • priority: Caster > Crusader
  • meanwhile, stop damaging the boss at all costs (to not let him get higher stacks of Zealotry)
  • keep on focusing adds and interrupt if needed (Heal > Penance)
  • use personal defensive cooldowns when boss reaches 100% energy (Judgement: Reckoning)


2 Grong

  • Bloodlust at start (or at 30% boss hp)
  • kind of a Patchwerk fight
  • focus the boss until an add spawns -> swap to it asap (as it sends rage to the boss which results in Tantrum)
  • after killing the add, damage and knock-back to the raid


  • in general two types of teams (melees and ranged)
  • Melees: G1: left leg ; G2: middle ; G3: right leg
  • Ranged: stack at marks (always 2 dps and 1 heal) ; do not stand in fire patches spawning and always stack to not get feared


  • save personal defensive cooldowns for Tantrum


3 Jadefire Masters

  • in general: keep health pools of both bosses quite even

Monk Boss

  • Whirling Jade Storm (running away and raid-wide damage) -> one single melee player has to run after him to stop
  • Xuen (add) -> chasing a random player who has to kite it away while the raid tries to stun, slow and kill it off

Mage Boss

  • teleporting away, casting Absorb Shield and Pyroblasts at random players -> swap to him asap when shield is active to interrupt
  • Magma Traps (fire patches) -> have to be cleared one by one (keep an eye on debuff afterwards)
  • assigned classes: Mages, Rogues, Warlocks, Hunters etc.

30% energy

  • 3 orbs always spawn at distinctive locations
  • raid has to destroy it asap, starting at low hp -> middle hp -> high hp (line of side effect inside)
  • dodge rotating beam of each orb at all costs

60% energy

  • labyrinth of Ring of Peaces and fire patches -> avoid standing in and keep running towards the frost wall to break it

100% energy

  • both bosses become dragons
  • damage race
  • use personal damage cooldowns and Bloodlust (perhaps)


4 Opulence

  • in general: 2 phases ; P1: adds -> right path (melee group) ; left path (ranged group) ; P2: boss


  • there is a bunch of gems you can choose (different amendments to playstyle, e.g. 100% crit buff when standing alone)
  • very 10% the distinctive add moves on and enters the next part of the path


  • Crush (slam): (180°) -> dodge
  • Volatile Charge (debuff): 8 second lightning debuff to be put at the sides of the chamber
  • Flames of Punishment (clockwise fire attack) (only in melee group) (right path) -> do not get hit


  • Flame-Jet (flames coming from the wall) -> dodge
  • Ruby Beam (fire damage) -> kite it away (patches spawning)
  • Pulse-quickening Toxin (debuff) -> nature damage, keeps hitting harder -> use personal damage cooldowns to path through
  • Hex of Lethargy (debuff) -> do not move ; to be dispelled


  • Liquid Gold (debuff) -> let it expire at the endges of the room, pools spawning after
  • Spirit of Gold (add) -> stun, slow and kill these adds off
  • Coin Shower (meteor-like ability) -> affected player has to stack with other players to not get killed
  • Wail of Greed (damage increase of the boss) -> use personal defensive cooldowns


5 Conclave of the Chosen

  • council-like fight, but do only multi-dot if it means a single target damage increase
  • 4 bosses at all ; all have to to be killed ; only 2 bosses active at the same time
  • have to be tanked away from each other
  • if a boss dies, raid-wide damage over 6 seconds and 15% damage increase to the other active boss
  • kill rotation: Pa´ku -> Gonk -> Kimbul (Bloodlust here) -> Akunda

Boss abilities

Pa´ku´s Aspect

  • Gift of Wind (buff to enemies)15 seconds remaining -> to be purged, Mages can even spellsteal this haste buff (45% for 10 seconds)
  • Hastening Winds (damage buff to Pa´ku´s Aspect): buff to be reset  when it reaches 20 – 30 stacks
  • Pa´kus Wrath (every 60 seconds) (winds) -> stack beneath the boss in a circle

Gonk´s Aspect

  • Crawling Hex (debuff) -> spread out and be dispelled
  • Raptorform: Wild Maul (cone effect on the tank)
  • Gonk´s Wrath (every 60 seconds) (adds): 4 Ravenous Stalker (raptors) appear, chasing random players -> stun, slow and kill them off asap –

Kimbul´s Aspect

  • Lacerating Claws (debuff on tanks) -> tank swap at approx. 3 – 4 stacks
  • Kimbul´s Wrath (every 60 seconds) (debuff) -> spread out, at least 5 yards if marked

Akunda´s Aspect

  • Thundering Storm (detonating zone of 10 yard-range) -> move away asap
  • Mind Wipe (debuff) -> players affected “forget” all of their abilities -> to be dispelled
  • Akunda´s Wrath (every 60 seconds) (debuff) -> spread out and do not get hit by spawning lightning orbs


  • Krag´wa´s Wrath (jump) -> will jump to one of three players who is furthest away from it -> try to bait it away via Hunters (e.g.)


6 King Rastakhan

  • in general: 4 phases in total


  • King Rastakhan to be tanked at the edge of the room
  • 3 adds to be killed

King Rastakhan

  • Serpent Totems: fire breath
  • Scorching Detonation (debuff on tank) -> raid-wide damage, keep distance to
  • Plague of Toads (poison lines): 3 lines in direction of random players, leaving puddles of poison -> dodge it


  • Siegebreaker Roka: Meteor Leap -> split damage as group by stacking up
  • Prelate Za´lan: Seal of Purification (beam) -> keep it away from the group
  • Headhunter Gal´wana: Grevious Axe (debuff) -> affected player hast to be topped (90% hp at least)


  • starts on death of the adds
  • Bwonsamdi entering the fight


  • Aura of Death (debuff): stacking DoT to all players within 30 yards
  • Caress of Death (debuff): shadow damage and heal absorb for 5 seconds
  • Death´s Door (rifts) -> have to be placed towards Bwonsandi

King Rastakhan

  • ongoing: Scorching Detonation (debuff on tank) and Plague of Toads (poison lines)
  • new: Zombie Dust Totem (mind control on random players) -> to be destroyed asap
  • Plague of Fire (fire damage) -> just spread at all costs


  • starts when King Rastakhan gets to 60% hp
  • use Bloodlust (perhaps) and personal damage cooldowns after entering the Death Realm

Bwonsamdi (Death Realm)

  • pulls half of the raid into the Death Realm (the nearest players to Bwonsamdi)
  • no tank needed at all
  • ends when Bwonsamdi gets to 50% hp
  • Caress of Death (debuff): is now dealt to random players ; heal absorb on players
  • Dread Reaping (shards): getting hit means high ticking damage ; shards will move towards Death´s Doors (rifts), joining the Living Realm
  • Inevitable End (pull-in effect) -> keep running against
  • Deathly Withering (debuff): stacking DoT on all attacking players within the Death Realm -> you can reduce stacks by running into a Death´s Door (rift), one by one due to raid-wide damage

King Rastakhan (Living Realm)

  • ongoing: Scorching Detonation (debuff on the tank) and Zombie Totems
  • in addition: stacking damage increase-buff on boss and 3 more add types


  • Phantom of Retribution (add): casting Grave Bolt (against the tank) and Seal of Bwonsamdi (zones) that have to be soaked
  • Phantom of Slaughter (add): casting Focused Demise (channel effect) -> to be interrupted by affected player only ; if no interrupt possible, spot heal needed
  • Phantom of Rage (add): Necrotic Smash -> mobile tanks (e.g. Monks or Warriors) should try to avoid it all the time


  • just fighting King Rastakhan any more
  • ongoing: Scorching Detonation (debuff on tank), Plague of Toads (poison lines) and Plague of Fire (fire damage)
  • in addition: Death´s Door (rifts) and Inevitable End (pull-in effect)
  • All Encompassing Death (creating a Death Rift around him): let´s him spawn Dread Reaping (shards) from this new position
  • Bwonsamdi´s Boon: damage race (damage increase by 2% every 15 seconds, stacking up) -> you have to kill him before buff overwhelms the raid


7 High Tinker Mekkatorque


High Tinker Mekkatorque

  • Buster Cannon (shot): targeted at a random player ; applies a DoT and haste reduction if hit -> side-step it at all costs
  • Blast Off / Crash Down (during Heavy Thrusters): High Tinker jumps into the air and lands on the ground afterwards ; means damage to all players in 12 yard range
  • Gigavolt Charge (debuff): ticking damage over 15 seconds until it explodes, applying a 30 seconds DoT to all players within life of sight -> run behind various rock piles asap if affected
  • Wormhole Generator (debuff): affected player teleports all players to current location ; could even overlap with Gigavolt Charge


  • Spark Bot (add): cannot be killed normally, so you have to use shrink mechanic of the boss (World Enlarger every 60 seconds) ; shrunk players have to pay attention to normal-sized players to stay alive (Trample)
  • to destroy them, you have 5 buttons to hit in the right order (3 times in a row) (only 45 seconds left)
  • you get the right code by other players in the raid who also had entered these bots
  • example: Green -> Green -> Red


  • starts when High Tinker Mekkatorque gets to 40% hp ; he cannot get any hit during this phase and you have to dodge incoming boss mechanics
  • ongoing: Gigavolt Charge and World Enlarger
  • in addtion: Signal Exploding Sheep (bomb): lethal damage to all players within 8 yards shortly after spawning ; sends several Sheep Shrapnel (shards) in multiple directions (DoT when getting hit)


  • starts when High Tinker lands on the ground
  • now entering Hyperdrive mode: quite similar to P1 but way harder (30% more attack speed and small bursts of nature damage to random players)
  • use personal damage (Bloodlust included) and defensive cooldowns in this phase, depending on various situations ; heal cooldowns needed, as well
  • do not stop disabling Spark Bots during this phase to keep the encounter space clean


8 Stormwall Blockade


  • split the raid amongst 2 ships
  • besides that, Laminaria (elemental boss) generally gets energy by various sources which results in instant wipe of the raid
  • mini-bosses: no shared health pool

Sister Katherine (Ship I)

  • Voltaic Flash (lightning orbs) -> move quickly away from one side to another ; random pattern ; dodge it at all costs (vertically and horizontally across the ship) -> stay quite near the middle of the ship but slightly to one side
  • Crackling Lightning (spell): burst damage to random players, puddle spawning afterwards -> keep further distance for less incoming damage
  • Electric Shroud (damage absorb shield) -> you have to break it asap to interrupt energy gain to Laminaria

Brother Joseph (Ship II)

  • Sea Storm: on random players ; burst damage on hit and slow to anyone in the circle (within 5 yards of the marked targets)
  • Siren: Sea´s Temptation (channel): tempts a player to walk towards the water to die -> swap to Siren asap ; if affected you could also use Sea Storm patches
  • Tidal Shroud: mechanic wise the same as Electric Shroud of Sister Katherine


  • at 50% hp Brother Joseph or Sister Kahterine will cast Translocate and teleport to the other ship
  • this should happen simultaneously, otherwise you have to deal with even more mechanics at once
  • if there is no mini-boss on a ship, you will be bombarded -> stack as a group and try your best to avoid the swirlies
  • both mini-bosses have to die at the same time (would be perfect, at least)
  • after that you take the parachute to get back to Laminaria (at the docks)


  • one player has to be in melee range as long as the boss is alive
  • Sea Swell (debuff): 4 yard splash damage, also spawns Frozen Tidepools
  • Energized Storm (add): swap to it asap and keep on slowing, to prevent it channeling on the boss (energy gain)
  • when these adds die, an Energized Remnant orb will spawn -> someone in the raid has to pick it up instantly to avoid heavy raid-wide damage, further more you can decide, who will clear the remaining Sea Swell patches the best
  • one add has to be killed constantly during the phase
  • Ire of the Deep (orb): slowly falling down from the sky -> to be soaked by 3 players as damage is split


9 Lady Jaina Proudmoore

  • in general: 3 phases
  • Chilling Touch (debuff): getting hit by any frost damage attack, stacks up the debuff ; at 20 stacks you get frozen in a block of ice which has to be destroyed by the raid -> avoid incoming frost damage at all costs , or use heat resources through out the fight to remove debuff stacks


  • you have to get Jaina to 60% hp to get to the next phase
  • Ice Shard (spell): instead of melee attack, against the tank
  • Grasp of Frost (frost nova): is being cast on a random player who gets rooted afterwards ; to be dispelled
  • Freezing Blast (cone effect): frost damage and knock-back (could even knock you off the ship)
  • Bombardment (attacks from the sky): targeting circles and knock-back, leaves fire patches on the ground
  • Avalanche (debuff): applied to the tank and 2 random players ; spawns targeting circles behind -> use it to clear off remaining fire patches
  • Balistas -> could be used to shoot at the attacking ship ; sometimes fire patches prevent you from using, clear it with Avalanche (frost) before
  • Ring of Ice (spell) -> run away asap to not get frozen
  • Kul Tiran Mariner: barrels detonating in a short term should be thrown over board

Intermission I: Howling Winds

  • even at start of the phase knock-back effect on the raid, so do not stand too far away
  • after that you have to find Jaina and interrupt her spell, while dodging tornados


  • Warmth: 3 barrels which should be destroyed to remove Touch of Chilling debuff stacks ; do not waste the barrels for no reason, otherwise you won´t make it to the next phase
  • Refractive Ice (buff on the barrel): reduces damage by 99% -> you can remove this buff by using the Broadside debuff on players

Jaina Proudmoore

  • ongoing: Avalanche now means rooting effect on affected players, to be dispelled -> dodge it at all costs ! ; also interrupt Ice Shard casts as much as possible
  • Glacial Ray (frost beam): targets a random player ; large hitting damage to everyone hit
  • Icefall (comet): frost comets falling to the ground
  • Siegebreaker Blast (debuff): large drop-off arcane damage to all in range, also knock-back

Intermission II: Flash Freeze

  • starts when Jaina gets to 40% hp
  • Flash Freeze (a 60 second spell): Jaina teleports away, while a huge frost zone is expanding -> get away asap to not get shattered if debuffed with Frozen Solid
  • after that, use all damage cooldowns to break the Wall of Ice (even Bloodlust and second Potions here)
  • Jaina´s Tide Elemental (add) (spawning right after): Heart of Frost (debuff on random ranged players) -> get away from group asap ; also interrupt Water Volley at all costs
  • when reaching 100% energy, Jaina´s Tide Elemental (add) will cast Frost Nova: frost damge and rooting effect on affected players within 12 yards
  • meanwhile, the raid has to dodge Jaina´s Arcane Barrages
  • just free Nathanos Blightcaller from his ice tomb when Jaina´s Tide Elemental has been defeated


  • quite simitar to P2 but there are no barrels any more to remove stacks of Chilling Touch (debuff)
  • Crystalline Dust (cose effect) -> the tank has to turn Jaina away from the raid
  • Orb of Frost: targeted at a random player -> you can reduce power of this orb by stacking up between
  • in general: you have to decide, which players get frozen due to Shattering Lance -> destroy ice blocks afterwards to also remove debuff stacks
  • Prismatic Image (fragment) -> you should kill it off asap as it duplicates Jaina´s spells which means even more chaotic stuff to deal with

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