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I finally got to paragon level 500 and it feels a bit satisfying. I just wanted to achieve this personal goal all at once to feel better prepared for F2P release of Wildstar this Tuesday, September 29th. I wouldn´t call the road to paragon 500, I started at level 345 or something like that, a very very huge challenge but it kind of made me get a bit pissed off sometimes. I really really like doing greater rifts. like 55 for instance. and it really frustrates me to be forced to do normal rifts before to get more keys to generally unlock.

Bounties, Rifts, Greater Rifts and Leveling of Paragon Levels in general

That´s the reason, at least to some extent, for me getting quite bored with the game at all. I just don´t like to feel forced to do one specific content to unlock the other one. That´s the case for mmorpgs also but it just feels different. In an mmorpg I generally quite know the fact that I´ve got to prepare myself for enhancing my own character and becoming stronger, especially when it comes to raiding. In Diablo 3 I just don´t want to consider something like a meta content. Most of the time I just want to have fun with friends, or when I´m on my own, by killing monsters and finding better gear.

In comparison to the past I´ve changed my mind in terms of greater rifts. Honestly I really didn´t like neither the concept of Bounties nor of greater rifts. Most of the time in Diablo I´ve just cared about getting loot to reach a decent level to be able to kill monsters very quickly and to keep playing in “brain-afk” mode.

I just didn´t want to increase the difficulty of specific rifts by the incoming damage and the decreasing time frame. If you´re doing a greater rift you always have to be as concentrated as possible. Sometimes you´re even forced to change your talents and specific items to even get a change to be successful. Thank god, that´s totally different this season, at least for monks.

So, to wrap it up a bit, I´ve been successful in achieving my own goal of paragon 500. Let´see what will happen in future.

Cheating in different online games and Diablo 3 (Season 4) in specific

Before ending this post, I´d like to mention a very controversial issue happening right now. This controversy isn´t very new, it´s even nothing new to talk about. Everytime there is something like a competition or a competitive gameplay at all, people really try everything even possible to be better than the rest.

In terms of Diablo 3 the only feature that matters is a so called season which is very independent when it comes to characters, paragon levels, own leaderboards and so on. There are also new cool items and transmog sets as well. So, it´s just another feature to play Diablo 3 in a more competitive way. So, there are indeed players cheating all over the place.

In the current Season 4 one of the well-known players at the top of the content is a guy called “Gabynator”. He´s very popular on twitch since he got to paragon level 1000 world first in the past. I just don´like watching his stream and really prefer other streamers like Quinn or Modz but Gabynator stills remains a very passionate player, doing a lot to be as good as possible on the leaderboards. This time he could have been a bit too straight forward, as he got banned by Blizzard for exploiting the so called “Hellfire Amulet” bug.

This bug enable players to have all the class talents being active at once. So, even if you like the content Gabynator is streaming, it´s not ok, and there is no excuse at all, to exploit some game mechanics. Of course, when you´ve got a look at World of Warcraft the topic of cheating or exploiting is also happening and a very very bad part of the game at all. I just don´t like cheating or eploiting or what you´d like to call it. It´s just a very bad idea to have some kind of advantage by using stuff wich is not allowed. And that´s also the case for Diablo 3 as well.

In Diablo 3, the system of a season is probably one of the most interesting features of the entire game. Every player starts from scratch and everything later on is dependent on the effort, attitude and passion of the certain player. So, there are players who really push for being as quick and strong as possible and others who just like to enjoy the game without caring too much about the actual competition underlined by the leaderboards.

Even if Gabynator is one of the more known players but just a number of a lot of players cheating, he should be some kind of a role model. There are very much viewers following his actions on twitch and it should become a very bad feeling to not adhere to the rules but at the end every player should think about this ongoing general issue.

At the end, here´s the video of Gabynator getting banned by Blizz but it´s just interesting in the last seconds of the video on demand. So, please don´t expect some drama or escalation. By the way, Gabynator´s even started streaming again with some troll faces involved. It´s just too awkward to think about it once more.

(I personally found the link at the German Diablo 3 website called

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