(Update: It´s been released) WildWeave around the corner: Release before F2P transition of Wildstar

Hi guys,

as you probably know Wildstar´s going to be F2P from September 29th. As this transition could be some new improvement for both the game itself and the community, Greyn, former web host of the quite well known German website Arkship.de, is very eager to release his new project, called Wild Weave.

To give a bit overview about the new website, Greyn tries to summarize the reason and attitude for pushing Wild Weave. Even if the video is only in German language, he quite often underlines the fact that Wild Weave should focus on the entire Wildstar community in the world. So, there will be English content as well.

Honestly I´m quite curious about all the new features. I guess it will be a mixture to satisfy very new players and old hardcore players also. Let´see what will be the case. Anyways here´s the video and I´ll keep covering further developments of Wild Weave in the next weeks. I personally will be releasing a bit different content before September 29th 2015, too. To be continued…

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