Guild “Profectio” (Exile, Jabbit PvE EU): Open for “Friends” and Followers of my stream

Hi guys,

this is a very rough overview about the guild I´ve just created. To write it as easy as possible, here´s a very quick Q and A.


1) What´s the intention of that guild ?

– there is no real intention, it´s just having fun and doing stuff, if you want to do so, you´re not forced to do anything special -> people interested can use my own Team Speak Server

2) Why did you choose the name “Profectio” ?

– I usually like to have my favorite guild name called “Armamentarium” but I even had created that guild without having any character left in the guild, yeah I know, I screwed it up !^^

3) Who is allowed to join ?

– as you can read in the title, everyone I´d call something like a “Friend” or a not totally unknown player on my Battle Tag list e.g. is allowed to join and of course every follower of my stream -> I´m quite ok with a lot of things but please guys, don´t be douchebags that means I won´t tolerate the following misbehavior:

1) Any kind of spam

2) Any kind of discrimination

3) Any kind of trolling or flaming

4) Will there be any restrictions or something else to feel “forced” being in the guild ?

– of course not, you can leave if you don´t like it any more -> I personally don´t know how long I´m going to play Wildstar -> in general I usually do a break if I get bored of that game or other games are around the corner, e.g. Overwatch Beta or World of Warcraft: Legion Beta or something comparable-> easily said: If you don´t like it any more, please say goodbye and leave

5) What language do you have to speak in “Profectio” ?

– it´s up to you; most of the time, like in my guild in World of Warcraft (“Leredita”) we speak German but there shouldn´t be any problem with English for most of the players -> just relax and ask the others and don´t be too shy !


Well, that´s it guys, if you´re interested just join my stream when I´m online or write down some comment below this thread !

regards Tobi

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