Blizzcon 2015 Coverage by – Major highlights for Overwatch

Overwatch Panels

Overwatch: What´s New ? (01:45-02:45 CET) (Friday, November 7th 2015)


– new map called “Hollywood” -> specific movie set -> objective: defending a payload

– generally Blizzard likes to orientate themselves by reality but to implement it into their own universe of Overwatch later on -> mostly it shouldn´t understand as some serious business

– three new heroes


– environmental scientist -> therefore wearing a so called “Eco Suit” -> last member of a former well-known special team of scientists of Overwatch

Mei´s Gameplay

– totally different in comparison to other heroes

– general frost damage via using one-handed blaster -> she´s also able to create a huge ice barrier

– ultimate: “Blizzard” to freeze enemies (some insider joke of Blizz developers, as expected)

– another ability: Ice block to entrench herself for a couple of seconds


– former female “Pro-Gamer” and also mech pilot

– former world champion of Star Craft and other e-sports games

– general intention of Blizz at the beginning -> to create some character being able to use a mech for own purposes on the battlefield

– D.VA´s mech looks quite pink

D.VA´s Gameplay

– “Fusion Cannons” and she´s got the ability of “Boosters” to fly around, quite comparable to Reinhardt

– further more capable to use a so called “Defense Matrix”

– broadly speaking, this hero can both do damage on her own and be very defensive inside her mech

– Ultimate: blowing up enemies via transforming the mech into some kind of a bomb


– younger brother of Hanzo -> in the past, Hanzo was the real person who had to care about the family -> in contrast, Genji primarily focused on having fun -> one day Hanzo confronted Genji for his bad attitude and both fought against each other -> Genji got hurt but could leave the place

– after receiving a special suit, quite related to “Cyber” theme -> Genji began to explore the world and meet new people

– in general, Blizzard sought to implement a second Ninja into Overwatch

Genji´s Gameplay

– different kinds of weapons -> “Shuriken” for ranged playstyle and Katana for melee damage

– further more, Genji´s got the ability “Swift Strike”, enabling himself to be very quick, comparable to Tracer -> in addition Genji´s even capable of reflecting incoming damage and throwing it back to the opponent

– Ultimate: Dragonblade

– Genji is a very mobile hero and strong character, when it comes to both ranged and melee damage

The World of Overwatch (20:30-21:30 CET) (Saturday, November 8th 2015)


– Blizzcon 2015 did show all well-known heroes at start but nobody seemed to recognize this -> some “Easter Egg” for Blizz

– Overwatch should have more direct conversations between different heroes in game

Out of Game Storytelling

– Blizzard´s found another way, how to tell a story outside the game -> e.g. a short video about the story background of “Soldier 76” / peculiar music of “Lucio” / “Moment in Crime” video about the lunatic fringes, called “Roadhog” and “Junkrat” who did commit various bank heists and other criminal action

– besides that, the so called “Origin” edition does not just contain various skins but it does relate to some special clothing and specific lore information about particular heroes

– back to “Out of Game Storytelling” -> there is the current work on few “Comic Shorts” to introduce heroes in Overwatch -> Blizzard really likes own comic content

– Blizzard would like to present more cinematic sequences -> for that, there will be a series of “Animated Shorts”, some shortstories, about the world of Overwatch

– of course, the entire work is still “work in progress” but the quality could be quite nice -> all those shortstories will not be interdependent at all !

– the content to come will be quite similar to recent “Lord of War” videos for Warlords of Draenor (WoD) (WoW) and Star Craft II videos

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