World of Warcraft: Legion Beta around the corner

Hi guys,

the beta of World of Warcraft: Legion should be downloadable for a a very few number of players in the next hours. Regarding the following tweet the data mining has already begun.

I guess we´ll even see some streamers being able to show the new content very very soon, perhaps even today. I´m looking forward to everything in Legion. The most interesting changes at all to me are the following ones:

1) the new leveling system (scaling) of the new continent: The Broken Isles

2) starting zone of Demon Hunters

3) Warlock changes (Affliction and Demonology)

4) story telling at all (hinted by Alex Afrasiabi at Blizzcon 2015)

5) general lore (what will happen to Varian Wrynn ? / why is Genn Greymane going to be so important for the alliance ? / what will happen to Sylvanas Windrunner ? and so on)

6) the quest line for your Artifact Weapon

So, let´s see what we´re going to know in near future. I just hope to get into beta as soon as possible, I just hope !

Regards Tobi

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