Death Scythe – The new upcoming class for Devilian

Hi guys,

I´m not playing Devilian at the moment, neither Diablo 3. I just have so much fan with the head start of Blade and Soul. You should check this game out tomorrow, the actual release date as F2P.

Anyways, I´m still a huge fan of the design and specific features of Devilian. One of the core points I really care about is the new upcoming class called “Death Scythe”. This is the melee class I´ve been waiting for since release.

Unfortunately you cannot say for sure when Trion Worlds is going to implement it into the Western version of Devilian. I guess we´ve got to wait until February, so about one month to go, at least that´s my personal idea.

The new class look a lot like the Monk in Diablo3 and I really like the style of it. You´ve got a 2-handed weapon but also two 1-handed weapons for some skills. The entire class just looks very Asian and unique sometimes.

The class, as you can see in the description of the video by rendermax, will start on level 50, thank God ! I just couldn´t stand leveling a new class from scratch again. To get some insight you´ve also got another kind of tutorial, offering experience of one level, it seems.

I guess that´s the class a lot of people really care about, me included. If Trion Worlds doesn´t fuck it up, this could mean a lot of new fun in a few weeks schedule.

Anyways, just enjoy the following videos. Thanks to Chris, one of my viewers, I´m lucky to share those with you !

Regards Tobi

Source (Picture ; free accessable): pixabay



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