New player tips for Blade and Soul by The Video Game Professor

Hi guys,

as there are always some very basic questions about the features of this game, I´d like to share this video with you. It´s made by The Video Game Professor. I did find this youtube channel few weeks ago while looking for some more information about Devilian.

In my opinion the video is quite decent to understand most important featues of BnS if you´re very new to the game. I wouldn´t recommend it to watch it if you´re a very much pro in this game but for everyone else it could be of some benefit.

I´m also planning something similar, like I did for Devilian before, but in German language. Let´s see.

For the moment, enjoy this video and also check out his twitch channel !

Regards Tobi

Source (Picture ; free accessable).: pixabay

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