Wildstar is still alive – Content Drop #7 aka “Destination Arcterra”

Hi guys,

even if you could be a bit surprised, there is actually something new to write about.

This game has been very silent lately. The transition to F2P did even happen in last autumn, so years ago, when it comes to specific time frames in gaming.

But yeah, that´s the past, let´s now write about the future of Wildstar !


Content Drop #7 “Destination Arcterra”



  • during the release cycle players will travel to some of the most mysterious locations on Nexus
  • coming to PTR soon


I) Arriving Arcterra

  • frozen wasteland
  • brand new max-level zone
  • offering new dynamic content and some events for solo players or groups


1) “Snowballing” Boss Encounters

-> players have to defeat bosses to even spawn stronger bosses

-> so there is even an increase of challenge and rewarding at the end


2) Heavy Weather

-> blizzard event

-> players are going to try to get key from some bosses

-> this reveals the opening process to a secret dungeon for their own faction


3) New Loot to get

-> there is a very special look for this new zone

-> so, there will be different kinds of costumes pieces, unique mounts and stuff like that


II) Vault of the Archon

  • the world story about the fate of Nexus continues
  • this means, we´re going to explore the next Chapter (Chapter 2) of the Nexus Saga
  • to get new insight, you´ve got to take a step into the so called “Vault of the Archon”
  • this vault is rumored to contain the Eldan´s most forbidden secrets
  • new story-driven instance about the story about Drusera and the ongoing escalation due to the Entity


1) new gameplay

-> unqiue gameplay mechanics, secret locations and memorable boss encounters


2) another form of story telling

-> Dorian Walker and Artemis Zin on their journey and you´re part of it

-> very new environments, new cinematics and fully voiced NPCs


3) playing together with your friends

-> for the first time ever you´re able to choose to play solo, or in a group

  • and there is more stuff to come -> new information in the upcoming days and weeks …

regards Tobi


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