New Class Tempest coming to Devilian February 18

Hi guys,

there has been just a little bit about Devilian lately but new interesting content is understood to be released very shortly.

This time, there is the official confirmation of a new class called “Tempest” coming to the game, even this February.

If I´m correct, this is the exact new class I´ve been meantioning here at for a few days.

Really looking forward to the class and this means, at leat to me, the second upcoming class in an MMO (Devilian “Tempest” and Blade and Soul “Warlock”), just around the corner.

Honestly I really like the idea of waiting for new content for only few days. Anyways, just enjoy the first look of the new Devilian class “Tempest” !

Regards Tobi

Source (Picture ; free accessable): pixabay

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