It´s just around the corner: Super Bowl 50

Hi guys,

I´m so hyped for this event, being broadcasted on German TV at night between this Sunday and Monday. I´m just looking forward to one of the best games this season.

This season I´ve watched more American Football than ever before, and it just feels so great.

If you´re quite confident that “New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos” cannot be topped, I guess, you could be very wrong.

Super Bowl 50 could become the real competition between Payton Manning (Denver Broncos) and Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers), and I´m not able to predict the outcome !

So, just get started for one of the most interesting and famous events in sports on our planet.

In Football terms (European understanding) this is like a mix of UEFA Champion´s League Final and FIFA World Cup Final, so there is by far no improvement, you can imagine.

Super Bowl 50 will rock this planet !

Regards Tobi

Quelle (Bild; frei zugänglich): Pixabay

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