As a reminder: Release of “Rising Waters” for Blade and Soul today

Hi guys,

“Rising Waters” is going to be released for all European Blade and Soul servers today. I´m quite happy about it and going to stream all relevant stuff later tonight (19:30 – 24 CET).

So, what can we expect from “Rising Waters” and what is so cool about the first content patch for Western players ever ?

Like I summed up some weeks before, these are the following major points of “Rising Waters”:

  • Mushin Tower: meant for single player content -> designed to test your skills -> 7 floors at start, 8th floor later on -> challenging and competitive PvE element, comparible to current PvP scene -> there will be speed runs and a ranking system
  • three new epic dungeons (purple by colour):
  • -> (1) Bloodshade Harbor (the successor to Blackram Supply Chain in the current build; 4-6 man version
  • -> (2) Nightshade Harbor (open world dungeon type instance for 24 players
  • -> (3) Naryu Labyrinth (it´s structured quite differently -> three levels, the path how you run through it will be quite different per ID but the endgame bosses remain the same -> kind of Windgods)
  • there is even more stuff to explore (eg. 5 new levels for your Hongmoon Weapon)

“Rising Waters”

(I) General overview

(II) Mushin Tower

(III) Bloodshade Harbor

I´m quite happy about “Rising Waters” but there is still one quite significant issue.

I just want to play the new upcoming class Warlock. I´ve stopped playing for few days now, and this is by no means due to the very bad end game, honestly the end game couldn´t be more appealing and interesting.

I just don´t want to invest a lot of time and an significant amount of money for a few days now.

I´ve decided to wait for the new class, and to save some materials and gold to be best prepared. Warlock looks so nice and it gives me kind of goosebumps, to finally play it.

So please ncsoft, keep up the good work and bring on the class I´m so looking forward to.

In the meantime, I just have to wait and see, and test out the new content of “Rising Waters”, and that´s by no means  bad at all !

Regards Tobi

Source (Picture ; free accessable).: pixabay


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