(Support) 6 Man Bloodshade Harbor Guide for Blade and Soul by the Video Game Professor and information about his blog

Hi guys,

as you probably know I´m quite following all the work done by the so called Video Game Professor, a very nice guy from the United States.

This is his newest video and it´s quite decent to have an overview about all the interesting stuff waiting for players in 6 Man Bloodshade Harbor in Blade and Soul. Bloodshade Harbor is one new feature of the brand new content drop for BnS.

Enjoy the video, perhaps it´s quite worth the effort.

Further more, he´s also got his own blog called KnightsofmarrHere you´re going to find for instance a new post about the main question, when it comes to Blade and Soul and F2P games in general, whether it´s Pay 2 Win or not.

So if you´re quite interested in this topic and other MMOs out there, check out this blog, as well. I´ve already linked it here on calsportal.eu in the “Favorite Links” section, just down in the footer, so very easy to find, if you´d like to.

So, best of luck for this guy from the United States for further stuff to come !

Regards Tobi


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