The new class “Tempest” for Devilian has been released – Checking it out live on stream today (VoD added)

Hi guys,

the new class, I´ve been waiting for quite a long time now, is finally ready to start. Unfortunately you have to level all the content from level 1 to new max level 54 but I´m going to record everything (sometimes without active microphone).

I´m planning to upload every interesting stream highlight as quick as possible to my YouTube channel, so that everyone of you is able to actually see me playing, even if not live on stream.

If the hype about this class is real, I´m going to write some blog posts in near future.

Further more, I could do another podcast version of “Tobi quasselt” but in German language. Because of that I could summarize everything quite important in English later on. Let´s see.

Anyway, have fun watching the stream and the stream highlights (on YT). If you´ve got any question, just don´t bother. I´ll try to answer all I can.

Enjoy !

Watch live video from Andarius11 on

Regards Tobi

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