New upcoming zone “Arcterra” in Wildstar – First Look (PTR) (Stream Highlights)

Hi guys,

so this is a very early look at the new upcoming zone “Arcterra” in Wildstar. Keep in mind, that this is all PTR footage, so a lot of things could look different later on on live servers.

In my opinion, Carbine has done a very good job. Ok, it´s just a very ordinary zone but it just looks fantastic and, as you can see, at least for German speaking people, sorry for that, even the story line about the so called “Vault of the Archon” seems to be quite interesting, too.

I´m not totally sure, but I guess, I´ve already seen most of the entire story line, with reaching an Eldan style room at the end (part 3 of the linked video).

So, guys, just enjoy watching the VoD of my stream yesterday. I guess I´m going to have a closer look some day in near future, again.

If you´ve got any question left, just write it down here or on YouTube or visit my new live stream !

Anyways, enjoy the video !

regards Tobi

Source (Picture ; free accessible): pixabay

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