Blade and Soul – Warlock – First Look (Stream Highlights) (GER)

Hi guys,

even if you cannot understand German language, you could check out the following VoDs of my live stream yesterday. I did stream a lot, from 8 pm to 4 am (CET) but it was worth the effort, by far !

My own conclusion after checking “Warlock” out until level 14

I really like the new class “Warlock” for Blade and Soul. It´s just a very good mix, at least to me, of “Force Master” (Mage style; very mobile class) and something like a Warlock in games like World of Warcraft.

So you can summon a awesome demon to assist you but for a very short time. So this demon is more like a buff to boost your damage, correct me if I´m wrong, than a constant pet helping you out in combat.

By the way, tonight I´m going to try “Black Desert Online” for the very first time.

I´m very cautious and I cannot understand the hype at the moment. If it really flashed me, I would do more content about BDO in near future, like writing blog posts, uploading VoDs of my live stream and a new edition of my own podcast called “Tobi quasselt”.

Well, just enjoy the following VoDs of my live stream yesterday !

Regards Tobi

Source (Picture ; free accessable).: pixabay


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