Silverfrost Mountains Expansion for Blade and Soul – This Spring

Hi guys,

as you probably know I´m playing a mix of Black Desert Online and Blade and Soul at the moment. In my opinion both games rock but are quite different, and that´s the real good aspect.

In Blade and Soul I´m currently leveling up my good damn Warlock and it´s a lot of fun as you can see on like yesterday for instance.

The real cool thing about Blade and Soul is the constant release cycle of new expansion sets. We´ve already got Mushin Tower, Nary Labyrinth, Nightshade Harbor and five new Hongmoon levels but there is a lot more stuff to come and this is all called “Silverfrost Mountains” !

So what are the new features of this expansion ? (Disclaimer: !!! all relevant embedded information and pictures to find at Blade and Soul Official Website !!!)


  • (I) Silverfrost Mountains expansion in general
  • (1) -> entirely new continent including new zones, quests and some very new endgame content
  • (2) -> furthermore there will be the way up to level 50 (45 at the moment) as level cap and a possible Hongmoon Level 10 to achieve
  • (3) -> last but not least the actual story line will be continued and we´re getting even nearer to our own revenge for betraying our own school and killing our master !
  • (II) Silverfrost Mountains (Part 1)


  • -> as written abough, the story of our own revenge will be continued with entering a vast new landscape within the Earthen Realm -> here you can find a real mix of Primeval Forests and icy peaks of Shiverstone Range and a lot more !
  • (III) New Capital City: Zaiwel


  • -> the mountain city of Zaiwel will be our new home in near future -> in this city it´s possible to plan new operational content, get a lot of quests, improve your crafting skills and socialize with other players -> this city will be our most important assistance for fulfilling our own destiny
  • (IV) Dungeons


  • (1) -> introducing eight new dungeons (five expert versions (blue difficulty) and three heroic versions (purple difficulty)) -> suited for both 6 – and 4– member versions
  • (2) -> furthermore there will be the Awakened Necropolis, Avalanche Den and Lair of the Frozen Fang as a new pinnacle of challenges when it comes to high end content
  • (V) Open world instances and new server event


  • (1) -> new 24-member open world instances called Frostscale Basin and Beastbong with a lot of new monsters and boss encounters
  • (2) -> furthermore a brand new server event will force players to unite to protect Grand Harvest Square from attacking enemies
  • (VI) New world PvP zone


  • -> in Soulstone Plains the fight between Crimson Legion and Cerulean Order will continue -> as one task e.g. you have to protect mining operations
  • (VII) Continued weapon and accessory weapon path
  • -> transition from the current weapons and accessory upgrade paths to new Silverfrost endgame -> all the people already done with current endgame materials are lucky enough to jump directly to the new system
  • (VIII) new clan crafting improvements
  • -> new items and upgrades attainable via clan crafting systems -> e.g. a clan costume, designed and crafted by members
  • (IX) and a lot more !

Well, that´s it for today. I´m so hyped and I really like the speed of releasing content in near future.

Blade and Soul is still a really good game I just enjoy playing. Warlock is fun as fu.. and the new expansion could even improve this game, oh yeah !

Anyways, if there is something new to write about in the next days, I´m going to do a coverage as good as possible !

Please, ncsoft, keep up the good work !

Regards Tobi

Source (Picture ; free accessable).: pixabay



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