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Hi guys,

the following movie looks quite interesting, to be honest. As you can probably see, it could be linked to Horror genre but I guess it´s something more. I just want it to be.

If I´m quite correct, “Don´t breathe” is generally about three persons who are trying to break into houses of quite rich people. The latest target seems to be quite easy but there is one huge obstacle. This obstacle means one blind man who doesn´t want other people to steal all his goods.

At start the trailer is quite decent, you just get in contact with quite nice people, e.g. one woman who says goodbye to his sister, I guess, but the atmosphere is due to change very quickly afterwards.

From the first moment of breaking into the house the main characters have something to worry about. This blind man seems to be a real danger and it shouldn´t continue as they are used to.

Whether the movie is just another bunch of crap of Horror movie, we cannot predict. Nevertheless I really like the setting and I just hope that it´s more than just a cliché of one evil man killing off other people.

Anyways, just enjoy the upcoming trailer. In my opinion it´s quite worth the effort !

Regards Tobi

Source (Picture; freee accessable): Pixabay


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