Star Trek Beyond – Trailer #2

Hi guys,

this is the second blog post about the next upcoming Star Trek movie. If I remember correctly, a lot of comments on YouTube were quite like “(…) it looks like Cowboys in space”. This was the brought reaction of a very early trailer end of last year (in German language).

This time I´m quite interested but not hyped, and honestly, I´m even not able to explain. The film looks quite cool and the previous versions were excelent in my point of view but the new movie looks  a bit differently.

I generally stick to the idea of judging a film by a trailer, at least to get some taste at the beginning. This time, the trailer does not create any hype. It looks very good but that´s it. I just don´t get this old Star Trek feeling when I was watching some kind of movies.

I´m not going to watch this film at the cinemas but later on on BluRay, I guess. This film is no “must see” but more like “could be nice”. Perhaps I´m totally wrong and the film will blow your mind, though. It´s just up to you.

Anyways, enjoy the trailer and make your own decision !

Regards Tobi

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