New Blade and Soul Update – “Vengeance Breaks” – Release today !

Hi guys,

i´ts been quite a while since my last blog post about Blade and Soul. This time there is actually some really interesting stuff to mention, so have fun !

Today, June 1, 2016, we´ve finally got one of the most anticipated updates since release on January 15th !

So, this update finally means the continuation of the most important story line of the entire game. This time we´ve have the chance to fight off Jinsoyun, again !

Here´s a short overview about the most important aspects of “Vengeance Breaks”


. stunning conclusion of the main story

. the fight against Jinsoyun hasn´t been more realistic than today !

Silverfrost Mountains

. stunning end to the act 4 story line

. we, me included, are not prepared !

New Heroic Dungeons

. Sundered Nexus (4- and 6-member modes)

. Altar of Divine Will (Jinsoyun attempts to bring the Dark Lord into the Earthern Realm) (daily dungeon, only 6-member mode)

. Zaiwei Ruins (you have to help defend against the invasion of demonic creatures) (24-member open world zone instance)

Tower of Infinity

. ultimate single-player challenge

. you have to defeat a random, AI-controlled challenger on each floor

. you´re considered to find out how high you´re able to climb before time runs out or you´ve failed


. own companions

. defensive buff when fed

. wide selection of existing pets; two new exclusive pets for EU- and NA-players ( a Griffin and Otter)

Hongmoon Level 15

. you can gain new experience to increase your Hongmoon Level

. maximum level is level 15 !

I´m still a bit sick at the moment but perhaps I´m going to turn on the stream today or tomorrow to check out the latest story components, at least.

If you like Blade and Soul, even with some interruptions over and over, you should check out this update, by far !

Regards Tobi

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