Gamescom 2016 – Special Preview Video by Blizzard tonight (18:30 CEST) – What can we expect ?


Hi guys,

it´s Gamescom time, again. As every year the most recommended publishers and developers gather to present what´s new.

As is primarily about games of Blizzard Entertainment, though there are other games I really care about also, I´m quite hyped for all the upcmong content Blizzard´s going to present in the next days.

As you can already read in the title there´s going to be a special preview video about all relevant content presented at Gamescom 2016. Nobody knows what this video will be about and what kind of content we´re going to see. So, it´s something you should check out at all costs tonight at 18:30 CEST !

To be quite well repared I´d like to advise you to visit the following:

The following lines represent my own guess when it comes to most important franchises of Blizzard Entertainment universe. I really prefer WoW, Overwatch and Diablo. So don´t be too confused about me just underlining those:


World of Warcraft

  • we already know everything of relevance due to beta coverage
  • the only interesting content Blizzard could show us would be Patch 7.1 coming to PTR shortly after release
  • I expect a very epic 5 man dungeon and I wouldn´t even be too much surprised about the area between Karazhan
  • I´ve always liked Karazhan and the lore background behind it ; further more we already know that Blizzard´s quite eager to implement Karazhan into Legion lore at all


  • as Ana Amari hast joined the Overwatch world as a playable hero, Blizzard could present Sombra as the second hero coming to Overwatch in near future
  • perhaps Blizzard even likes to saves this “surprise” for its own convention in November this year, Blizzcon 2016
  • other than that, I guess we´re going to hear and see a lot more features, perhaps maps, being implemented as soon as possible
  • let´s see ; there is a lot of stuff to come, I´m quite sure about that


  • before wrting this text I did try to investigate a bit
  • interestingly Blizzard does not mention Diablo III for this Gamescom
  • it´s about the entire Diablo franchise since we´re celebrating the 20th anniversary this year
  • I´ve always hoped for an announcement of Diablo IV or at least a very new expansion set for Diablo III but I´m now confident enough to write down the following: this won´t happen, at least not before November 2016 at Blizzcon
  • the only reasonable new annoncement, that´s my point of view, keep that in mind, please, could be about a HD remake of Diablo I or Diablo II 
  • nevertheless this all means a lot, really a lot, of work for Blizzard ; you should implement such a HD remake into the current version of Battle Net ; not sure whether Blizzard´s really willing to initiate such an effort

Well, that´s it for the moment. Let´s see what Blizzard´s going to present tonight at 18:30 CEST. See you later !

regards Tobi

source (picture ; free accessible): pixabay

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