Blizzard at gamescom 2016 – This has been the Special Preview Video – A bit disappointing (Diablo ?!) (Review)


So, the Special Preview Video was quite disappointing, honestly, at least to me. This is primarily due to Diablo related information. Information is even too euphemistic in such a context…

World of Warcraft

  • I didn´t expect too much of new content and that´s been the case, actually
  • there is litterally nothing new to show at Gamescom that hasn´t already been shown before
  • as Legion´s going to be launched in about two weeks from now, I´m totally fine with that


  • so, and now we´ve got to mention the most disappointing minutes of the entire video
  • ok, we don´t know yet whether that´s actually been everything or whether there could be a very special announcement regarding Diablo universe at Gamescom today
  • as a lot of other franchises have got some new stuff (Starcraft II: new commander and Heroes of the Storm: new map) this hope shouldn´t be too powerful, sadly
  • as you can see in the following Diablo related part there´s literally NOTHING of new content, I repeat it once again, NOTHING seems to be on the horizon for the moment
  • as time went by I began to expect nothing new ; most of the actual conversation did focus on previous efforts like the Kanai´s cube as rememberance of a very smart former developer who passed away
  • for an audience which doesn´t care about Diablo most of the year this could have been new information but information´s still too euphemistic in such a context
  • but yeah, if that´s it, we´ve got to wait for Blizzcon 2016 ; hope never dies, am I right ?!



  • new map called “Eichenwalde” to be implemented into Overwatch in September 2016
  • it really looks quite impressive ; can´t wait to check it out myself (Mercy inc.)
  • further more, the last Animated Short “The Last Bastion” will be released at Gamescom 2016 this Thursday 

Well, that´s it for the moment. See you later. Take care and thanks for reading.

regards Tobi

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