The Emerald Nightmare Mythic World First Race: Coverage by (11.10.16 ; 12:42 CEST) (World First Экзорсу ; US First Limit ; German First set sail for fail)

Hi guys,

T19 raid content is just around the corner. This time again, I´ll try my best to offer you the best coverage possible by myself. The last so called World First progress thread has been made within the time frame of roughly 5 weeks. It´s very interesting how long we´ll have to wait this time, at least in regards to World First Kill of Xavius Mythic.

The Emerald Nightmare Mythic will be open in Europe in a few hours. So, first of all the best guilds in the world will strive again to get #1 in the world by killing the end boss of Emerald Nightmare, Xavius. There are 7 bosses awaiting and I´m quite sure that Xavius will survive the first ID, at least.

Since Hellfire Citadel Mythic progress really means the past, it´s so difficult to think of potential strong guilds world wide at the moment. So, I really have to guess this time in comparison to a lot of World First races before.

So, let´s have a look at the most important (and sometimes well-known guilds out there) once more.

Most interesting US guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Midwinter (Alliance)

Limit (Horde)

vodka (Alliance)

Nurfed (Horde)

Most interesting Oceaning guilds (in US list on wowprogress due to the same time zone) (in terms of former rankings):

Ascension (Horde)

Entropy (Alliance)


Most interesting EU guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Method (Horde)

Serenity (Horde)

Envy (Horde)

Ascendance (Horde)

Экзорсус (Horde)

Nihilum (Horde)


Most interesting German speaking guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Impact (Horde)

set sail for fail (Horde)


This is just a very rough list of possible very competitive guilds. It has never been so difficult to assess the potential performance at the end. I´m really hesitant to present my own prediction but I´m willing to give it a try. So here´s my own guess and I´m so interested which guild will get World First, US First, EU First and German First !

1) World First

#1 Serenity (Horde)
#2 Method (Horde)
#3 Экзорсус (Horde)

2) US First

#1 Midwinter (Alliance)
#2 Limit (Horde)
#3 …. no idea …

3) EU Frist

#1 Serenity (Horde)
#2 Method (Horde)
#3 Экзорсус (Horde)

4) German First

#1 Impact (Horde)
#2 set sail for fail (Horde)
#3 … no idea …

At the end of this introduction I´d like to underline even again that Xavius Mythic will be a very hard challenge at the beginning. It could happen that there will be only two guilds in the world downing this boss long before any other guild is even near kill range.

That´s it for the moment, so let´s get started !


First day of progression


So, guys, the race finally is happening right now, EU players will join as early as possible when servers get up after weekly maintenance. Actually, there is only one guild in the world with 3/7 Mythic (Midwinter) (Alliance) (Nythendra, Elerethe Renferal and Ursoc). “Easy” and “SNF” could get to 2/7 M for the moment (Nythendra and Elerethe Renferal).



So, Limit (Horde) could catch up with 2/7 Mythic, as well. Let´see when Ursoc or something else will fall down.


Midwinter has just killed Dragons of Nightmare on Mythic difficulty. This means that four of seven bosses have already been beaten. Let´s see what encounter is next !


Good morning, guys ! So, we´ve now got five guilds in the US which could down four bosses in The Emerald Nightmare Mythic. Midwinter (Alliance) , Limit (Horde) , SNF (Alliance) , Easy (Alliance) and Straweberry Puppy Kisses (Horde).

All of them focused on Dragons of Nightmare as current last boss. This could mean that this route would be the most easiest way to go.

In terms of European guilds joining in the next hours, after doing Split Runs over and over, this could make a very quick catch up possible.

The real race is about to start and it´s a very cool feeling as always. Sadly my most appreciated guild of all time “Paragon” is not around this time.

See you in a couple of hours when European guilds are pushing for World First, as well.


This was quite fast. Exorsus (Russian guild) and From Scratch (French guild) have already beaten 4/7 M and 3/7 M. In my opinion that´s quite a surprise as split runs should have been done before. Perhaps they are just pushing to get to harder bosses before everyone else. Quite interesting up to now.


For the moment a Mythic Progress Stream by Rikh of Nihilum. One of my most favorite streamers when it comes to WoW PvE.

Watch live video from Rikhh on


Exorsus (Экзорсус) could down Il´gynoth on Mythic Mode as a real World First. Gratz to Russia. Serenity and Method joined the 4/7 M team, as well. Let´s see which guild will catch up very quickly.


From Scatch (French guild) is the second guild in the world which could manage to down Il´gynoth. Let´s wait for Serenity now !


Method managed to down Il´gynoth, too. For better insight, check out the following Twitter post by Sco, Guild Master and Main Tank of Method. Don´t forget, this is the new Method containing a lot of members of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) before. Most of the old Method had formed Serenity about some months ago.


Serenity could down this boss, as well, With regard to the following Twitter tweet, this boss could mean some huge intensity.


Second Day of Progression


Another World First Kill for Exorsus (Экзорсус). Cenarius have already been beaten and the last boss is around the corner. It´s getting very interesting from now on. Congratz to Russia again !


Wow, just wow, just wow, just wow, holy crap. Xavius Mythic has been defeated by Exorsus (Экзорсус). World First of an end boss for the very firs time for those Russians. Congratz and more of information all day long in the next hours !


Hi guys, so now I´d like to write about the actual “German First” race. It´s so strange this time. I´ve checked a lot but still don´t know what the heck is going on with Impact this time. This guild has been German #1 for quite a long time now but this time there seems to be a very lack of competition ? I´m very curious about the real reasons.

Set sail for fail, former #2 in German speaking terms, could manage to down 4/7 Mythic. Congratz to them. Very nice people like their content at Gamescom 2016 a few weeks ago.

Nevertheless it seems to be very different this time !


World Second Kill of Cenarius by Method. Congratulations to Sco and his buddies. What a strange race this is !


What an impressive kill by Method.  It took them only two hours to really kill off the end off of The Emerald Nightmare, Xavius on Mythic mode. Congratulations again, and quite depressing when it comes to actual World First guild Serenity !


Serenity could manage to finally kill Cenarius, as well. According to some statements Xavius should be way more easier then Cenarius on Mythic mode. So, Serenity should grab World Third in about 90 to 120 minutes, I guess. Anyways, gratz and kill Xavius now !


And here we go, Serenity World Third. Not that bad but for a World First guild a lot to improve. Next interesting aspects: US First and German First.


Third Day of Progression


So, now we´ve got give guilds which could manage to clear The Emerald Nightmare on Mythic mode. After Serenity From Scratch and Danish Terrace were lucky enough to grab #4 and #5 in the world. Congratulations to them, too.

Regarding German speaking high end raiding set sail for fail could finally kill off Il´gynoth, giving them the opportunity to get German First of Cenarius very very soon. Impact could finally get to 4/7 M, as well. Let´see how this will turn out in the end.


Wow, ok, Set sail for fail has just downed Xavius on Mythic mode. This is not only German First, this also means #6 world. I´m not totally sure but this could be their best ranking of all time. Gratz guys !

Fourth Day of Progression



US First Kill of Xavius Mythic by Limit (#10 world). Midwinter (#11) is very very close, just as additional information. Gratz to both guilds !



As there is very interesting stuff to write about, I´d like to link you an interview with the Guild Master of set sail for fail (GER). Unfortunately it´s only in German.

Further more, if you´d like to experience a real progression stream of Cenarius Mythic by Nihilum, please check out Verdisha. Verdisha has always been one of the core members of former Paragon. He´s always been one of the best players of the world. It´s just fantastic to watch it and listen to all his very experienced raiding culture.

Watch live video from Verdishazx on



A few more video footage, enjoy !



I´ve just found a very very interesting interview by FinalbossTV with two guys of the World First guild Exorsus. You should really check this out !


Regards Tobi

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