Trial of Valor Mythic World First Race: Coverage by (24.11.16 ; 10:04 CET) (Helya Mythic Method #1 ; Serenity #2 ; Экзорсус , From Scratch and Limit banned for exploiting Helya M)

Hi guys,

Trial of Valor Mythic has already opened its doors. Actually I didn´t seek to write such a World First Race thread for ToV at start. As Helya M is not down this time, I´d like to change my opinion. I´ll try my best to offer you the best coverage possible by myself. It´s still very interesting how long we´ll have to wait this time, at least in regards to World First Kill of Helya Mythic.


Based on previous results for Emerald Nightmare Mythic only few weeks ago, I´d assume that it could be quite interesting to observe the following top guilds struggling in Trial of Valor Mythic right now.

Most interesting US guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Midwinter (Alliance)

Limit (Horde)

Easy (Alliance)


Most interesting Oceaning guilds (in US list on wowprogress due to the same time zone) (in terms of former rankings):


Honestly (Alliance)

Entropy (Alliance)


Most interesting EU guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Экзорсус (Horde)

Method (Horde)

Serenity (Horde)

From Scratch (Horde)

Danish Terrace (Alliance)


Most interesting German speaking guilds (in terms of former rankings):

set sail for fail (Horde)

Impact (Horde)



This is just a very rough list of possible very competitive guilds. It has never been so difficult to assess the potential performance at the end. I´m really hesitant to present my own prediction but I´m willing to give it a try. So here´s my own guess and I´m so interested which guild will get World First, US First, EU First and German First !

1) World First

#1 Serenity(Horde)
#2 Method (Horde)
#3 Экзорсус (Horde)

2) US First

#1 Limit (Horde)
#2 SNF(Alliance)
#3 Miwinter (Alliance)

3) EU Frist

#1 Serenity (Horde)
#2 Method (Horde)
#3 Экзорсус (Horde)

4) German First

#1 set sail for fail (Horde)
#2 Impact (Horde)
#3 … no idea …

At the end of this introduction I´d like to underline even again that Helya Mythic will be a very hard challenge at the beginning. It could happen that there will be only two guilds in the world downing this boss long before any other guild is even near kill range.

That´s it for the moment, so let´s get started !


Second day of progression

(13:48 CET)

  • right now there are 7 guilds progressing Helya Mythic
  • I´m quite confident to say that this boss will be no second form of Xavius Mythic who could be downed within 2 hours after entering for the very first time
  • it could be quite interesting in the next hours ; I´m going to inform you quite well, so stay tuned, guys !


Third day of progression

(13:28 CET)

  • Helya is still alive
  • the fight seems to be very hard and, what could be some explanation for not defeating, too, some guilds cannot progress due to recent ban wave by Blizzard
  • there was one specific world quest in Suramar which you could start over and over again to get a lot of artifact power ; Blizzard has punished quite a lot of players for exploiting, ranging from 24 hours ban to even 72 hours or more
  • so, we have to wait and see whether there will be any big surprise in context of killing off the end boss of Trial of Valor ; could become more interesting when time goes by !

(19:32 CET)

  • and here we go, Helya Mythic has been defeated World First by Method, congratulations to Sco, Roger and co !
  • once again, Serenity could not grab one important World First which enhances the pressure for upcoming Nighthold raid this January
  • let´s see how long we have to wait for the second and third kill overall to finally watch the World First video, including nerdscreams !


Fourth day of progression

(16:22 CET)

  • Serenity could also down Helya Mythic which means World Second
  • I´m not totally sure but this could also mean a lot of more tries compared to Method before
  • cannot wait for World First video
  • nevertheless congratz Serenity !
  • race will start once again early 2017 !


Fifth day of progression

(11:32 CET)

  • as quite expected there is the third kill of Helya by Экзорсус, congratz again
  • regarding upcoming progress race in roughly two months we should expect these three guilds to compete on a very high level
  • everything seems possible and you shouldn´t interpret too much into the time difference of Helya kills this time, that´s my point of view, at least


(14:43 CET)

  • we have now got five 3/3 Mythic guilds out there
  • From Scratch (EU) (Horde) and Limit (US) (Horde) could grab #4 and #5 world, congratz to them, as well !
  • there it is finally, the World First video – Method vs. Helya Mythic ; quite impressive and so breathtaking in phase 3 in the end ; fabulous performance, in my opinion !


(14:33 CET)

  • if you think we´re done with covering progress race, bugs and exploits come across
  • Blizzard has banned Экзорсус , From Scratch and Limit for exploiting Helya Mythic in phase 3
  • that´s kind of sad and underlines the overall higher level of Method and Serenity even more
  • if I´m correct all three guilds are banned for about 8 days, so this could turn the whole race upside down
  • could this mean that even set sail for fail could grab a very good spot in the end ? getting more interesting as expected
  • the following comment is the official statement by the US guild Limit and expressed a very well known conflict between racing for best rankings in the world and exploiting to get to this point


(10:04 CET)

  • we´ve got a statement by Russian guild Экзорсус regarding the recent ban by Blizzard
  • in my opinion especially the more general part is kind of interesting and makes wow players think about current core mechanisms in game like legendaries
  • so, if you´re interested, you should read way more than just the part about Helya Mythic ban
  • further more From Scratch underlined the fact that bugs and exploits have always been part of World First race since ages , you should also have a look at their statement

Regards Tobi

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