Guardians of Ember – Just a Diablo MMO ?

Hi guys,

today one of the most unknown games so far is being released on Steam. Ok, to be fair, it´s not the actual release it´s an Early Access version.

Thanks to I did get in contact with this game but was quite sceptical at the beginning. After watching some more or less interesting Beta videos my interest increased quite a lot but the real hype was missing.

At the moment I´m downloading this game on Steam and will turn on the stream as soon as possible, probably this afternoon and in the evening, of course.

If I really liked this game, I would start tons of coverage like streaming, videos on YouTube, Podcast and lots of written blog posts. It´s just dependent on my feeling about GoE, in other words if this game is any good or not.

As there probably are a lot of readers who do not know anything regarding GoE, I´d like to quote official describtion by the development company. Please bear in mind, Insel Games is just the publisher for the Western market, the actual developing studio is called Runewaker, famous for games like Runes of Magic and Dragon´s Prophet.

Source: Guardians of Ember Crowdfunding Campaign at Indiegogo


  • dual class system (available from level 15)
  • near unlimited character optimization (4 races, 6 classes, over 300 of active and passive skills)
  • randomized dungeons with individual difficulty settings
  • crafting and enchanting system: design your perfect equipment
  • housing system: decorate your own house with hundreds of items
  • engaging story with hundreds of quests
  • various PvP options (1vs1, 3vs3, 5vs5 – ranked and unranked)

So, let´s see how this game will turn out. I´m quite interested but not hyped.

Nevertheless I´m willing to test it out and to stand quite annoying circumstances like bugs, weird combat animations and even more strange stuff.

So, stay tuned and perhaps give it a try, as well !

Regards Tobi

Source (Picture ; free accessable): pixabay




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