Guardians of Ember – General remarks and tips and tricks (own experience)


Hi guys,

last December a quite unknown game to me was released on Steam as Early Access. I couldn´t have a look not until beginning of this year.

Via this blog post I do try to not only present a general overview about GoE but to deliver some tips and tricks based on own experience until half of all levels.

Enjoy. I hope you like it !

I Introduction

  • an Action RPG with Open World (comparable to Devilian or Mu Legend, at least a bit)
  • generally quite Western setting ; there is just little hint that this is an Asian game, with the exception of race of Neia
  • when I personally bought this game on Steam, it did cost approx. 16 Euro, it´s now a bit different: Mortal Edition (18,99 Euro), Demigod Edition (27,99 Euro) and Immortal Edition (44,99 Euro)
  • nevertheless, there is also an ingame shop (Ember Shop) (Marketplace), here you can buy Loot Orbs to get Basic Revive, Basic Inventory, Basic Storage and Basic Reskill


  • we´re still in Early Access mode as the whole content has not been released yet ; current max level at level 40
  • at the moment this game is only available in English, so no version with German UI, for instance

II General remarks

!!! Disclaimer: All pictures are ingame screenshots or screenshots that had been created via Snipping Tool !!!

  • four races (Human, Neia, Elf, Dwarf)

goe cs race humangoe cs race neiagoe cs race elfgoe cs race dwarf

  • five classes (Knight, Priest, Arcanist, Engineer, Ranger)

goe class knightgoe class priestgoe class arcanistgoe class engineergoe class ranger

  • Secondary Class at level 15


  • the idea, you pick a Primary Class, e.g. me: Ranger, and combine skills with the Secondary Class at level 15, e.g. me: Priest
  • as the development studio Runewaker is quite famous for MMORPG Runes of Magic, you should already be familiar with combinations of two classes
  • Open World: quests (Main Story and Side Quests),other players you get in contact with, dungeons which you can run on your own or accompanied by numerous players
  • Housing: here you´re able to find your own bank and an opportunity to switch your Secondary Class

  • Stats (Character) (C): Prestige (Critical Hit Chance, Resistance Modifier) ; Bravery (Energy Damage, Holy Damage, Fire Damage, Toxic Damage, Healing Affinity, Healing Over Time, Shield Strength), Blood (Physical Damage, Dark Damage, Frost Damage, Natural Damage, Health Points, Instant Healing), Focus (Attack Speed, Block Chance)


  • Stats on items: Critical Hit Damage, Health Points, Dodge, Block Penetration, Healing Power, Crossbow-Mastery, Block Power etc.


  • just abough right orb (Energy): Buttons of Daily Login Reward, Fishing, Exploring and Gathering (still unknown to me)


  • Quest Journal (J): very oldscool and simple design


  • World Map (M) (with sub regions you can teleport to if you´ve got the way point ; costs a little bit of gold)


  • Crafting (P) at level 40: not sure if it´s of any use
  • Friends (O): you can add friends, like in every single game

  • Achievements (V): an overview about already completed achievements or those you´d like to obtain


  • Guild (G): you´re able to invite up to 50 guild members ; there are also some talents (Research Points)


  • Compendium (L): you have to collect cards of specific areas and monsters to get a stat bonus ; I still don´t know, how it really works


  • Enhancement (U) at level 30: quite unsure what this means ; I guess it´s something comparable to sockets and gems
  • Character (C): it includes numerous tabs which seem to be quite useful (Professional Skill Tools: Armorsmithing, Blacksmithing, Crafting, Alchemy, Planting ; Special Outfits ; Title ; Currency ; Arena Points)







  • Inventory (B): quite decent inventory storage from start but you should consider increasing


  • you could switch current channel  (Switch Channel in Escape section)
  • further more, you can key bind mounts to a specific button (Settings and Key Bindings) (example: Right Hotkey Bar Button 6: Decimal)



  • rather simple Map (Tab) design in GoE, quite similar to World Map (M) ; nevertheless, this is no problem at all as all relevant tasks or monsters just flash in green or orange colour which makes it very easy to notice


III Talent spec and personal playing style

  • Primary Class: Ranger (me)
  • Secondary Class: Priest (me)
  • Passive Skill: at start just one skill available, second one at level 30 ; in general quite the same like passive talents in Diablo III
  • to make it clear ; every single point, e.g. increasing Critical Hit Damage, does affect not only one special spell but means a flat increase
  • so, the accumulation of all points used is shown in the left corner, in the so called Ability Bonus Overview




IV Tips and tricks (own experience)

  • monsters in the region should not be higher than two levels abough you
  • if it becomes too hard, which is realistic, you should consider grinding as one more level could mean some difference, at least from my point of view
  • Priest as Secondary Class seems quite decent to me, primarily due to healing up myself via the main attack, although it means a lack of damage, but this does also support the healing ability of a Ranger
  • when you reach level 15 the Secondary Class does level, as well ; you´re not forced to do something special but to keep on leveling
  • you should think about which Secondary Class could fit general playing style of the Primary Class the best
  • as a Ranger I only did prefer Light Armor but I´ve started to switch one or two, perhaps even three, items to Heavy Armor

  • in general, you should test a lot ; so, you should always make sure that leveling feels comfortable ; if this was the case, you could also run dungeons which you have to do for the Main Story in Hard Mode
  • I wouldn´t advise you to spend keys to unlock specific additional rewards unleass you´ve already reached the cap (see Currency in Character section)
  • in principle it´s possible to run every dungeon on your own ; if you got in trouble, you could also consider doing it in group ; so, just whisper other players and there you go
  • when it comes to primary stats (Prestige, Bravery, Blood and Focus), you shouldn´t make the mistake like I did to only focus on one single stat ; you should rather invest 10 points each into all four stats due to diminishing returns
  • in terms of the Open World, what means instanced content, you should pay attention that you don´t get attacked by respawning mobs ; further more, you should keep an eye on elite enemies ; in this regard we should mention the problematic aspect of reset of specific monsters which forces players to be very near, even as a Ranger, in contrast to dungeons
  • you should just test how you´re able to group a bunch of mobs and aoe them ; see mentioned ability of Priest, Sacred Cascade (Button 4)

  • there is only little information on the internet ; so, you should have a look at the guide section on Steam ; besides that, I´d advise you to visit some streams on Twitch and just to ask questions as a viewer if you´re not sure about something
  • actually, Guardians of Ember is a lot of fun, but it also means some moments of frustration from time to time, even during the leveling process
  • all the stats in this game are quite confusing ; I personally don´t know exactly which stats to prioritize ; for that, I´d paticularly search for Crossbow-Mastery, Gun-Mastery, Critical Hit Damage and stuff like that
  • please, do not forget that this game is quite different in some terms ; because of that you just need some more time of familarization, I´m personally still in (level 22/40 for Primary Class)

V Concluding remark

  • if you´re tired of games like Diablo III, Path of Exile or similar games of this genre, you should give it a try
  • given the fact that this means low budget, I think that the development has been quite profitable, in terms of my own experience so far
  • it´s not too expensive on Steam ; I´ve already played this game for a couple of hours and haven´t even reached High End Content yet
  • perhaps this blog post has been quite useful ; if so, please give some feedback here on this blog or on YouTube
  • anyway, thanks for reading and until next time !
  • see you !

Regards Tobi

Source (Picture ; free accessable): pixabay


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