Nighthold Mythic World First Race: Coverage by (22.02.17 ; 22:08 CET) (Gul´dan M Kill Videos added ; set sail for fail German First)


(22:08 CET)

    • so, long time no see
    • now, we´ve finally got German First kill by set sail for fail
    • congratulations to Dono, Jay and the others ; I guess Impact will do the same very shortly !


(10:54 CET)

World Second Kill

World Third Kill

US First Kill


(16:25 CET)

  • and here it is, World First video, enjoy !
  • I really like the editing of this video, makes the entire instance even more epic
  • last phase is just insane nostalgia, but I don´t like to spoil too much, check it out !

World First Kill

(10:11 CET)

    • good morning, so guys, 5 guilds could manage to down Gul´dan Mythic
    • the US top guild Limit could grab World 5th kill which means US First as well
    • only German First missing ; should decide between set sail for fail and Impact perhaps even today
    • Limit even extended their ID to kill off this big bad foe, congratulations
    • as a side note: in terms of kill tries Star Augur Etraeus seems to be the hardest boss of the entire instance among a lot of guilds
    • so, Экзорсус, we´re ready for the final one and only World First kill video, bring it on, please !


(21:28 CET)

      • so, things are getting interesting, but sad, as well !
      • From Scratch won´t go too hardcore in 7.2 and Tomb of Sargeras
      • further more, one of the best US guilds of recent years, Midwinter, is closing their doors
      • I really liked their streams during Mists of Pandaria, Slootbag back then, good old streaming times of high end progression !
      • Экзоусрс still have to wait to release their World First video ; there is even a bit of drama happening right now due to forbidden leake of From Scratch World 4th video
      • I´ll stick with common rule to not link Gul´dan Mythic videos before World First one by Экзорсус!


(03:48 CET)

    • From Scratch World 4th, congratulations to French guys !
    • only one guild missing to finally watch World First video by Exorsus !


(02:14 CET)

    • ok, guys, so Method could also down Gul´dan Mythic, congratz ! World Third kill !
    • so, only two guilds missing to finally watch World First kill video by the Russians, quite hyped for !
    • all three guilds underline their huge success compared to everything else !


(00:40 CET)

    • Serenity World Second of Gul´dan Mythic, congratulations, what a dedication
    • let´s see which guild will be #3 in the end !


(14:28 CET)

    • that´s it, guys, Gul´dan is dead
    • World First for the Russian guild Экзорсус , congratulations, huge achievement, by far !


Eighth day of progression

(09:50 CET)

  • good morning, so, nothing new in terms of Gul´dan ; he is still alive, that´s so cool
  • nevertheless nobody knows how much tries both guilds (#1 and #2) have already invested
  • for that, there is not actual hint to indicate potential kill in the next hours or perhaps even days
  • in the mean time, Method have finally downed Grand Magistrix Elisande
  • will be so interesting to see if there is any chance for Method to catch up very quickly tactics wise
  • if Gul´dan is really this hard blocking boss perhaps there is even room to make the fun even more intense, who knows …
  • a lot of split raids today to get as much loot as possible ; to really catch up you have to be so quick to not waste your time before the race is even over !
  • good luck to all three guilds being mentioned !


Sixth day of progression

(17:23 CET)

  • wow, this was quite fast ; Экзорсус World Second kill of Magistrix Elisande Mythic
  • it´s getting hot in here, guys, Gul´dan fight the way to go now for at least two guilds. let´s see
  • best of luck to both guilds !

(12:28 CET)

    • hi guys, as there is no real action happening at the moment, I´d like to link you this stream
    • it´s made by a Frost DK of Prestige Gaming, another Russian guild 
    • they are streaming the entire progression but without voice mumbling
    • nevertheless it´s so interesting to follow their progression on Star Augur Etraeus ; you should check it out, seriously !
    • 23 % best try so far, let´s see what will happen in the next hours !

Live-Video von PrestigeGamingWoW auf anzeigen

(09:22 CET)

  • good morning, guys, hmm something seems to be a bit weird as Фьюжн is not listed as 8/10 M on any more
  • I don´t know the exact reason ; nevertheless there is only one guild fighting Gul´dan (Serenity) from now on until new ID on Wednesday and two other guilds which have to stand Grand Magistrix Elisandre before (and Method)
  • best of luck to all three of them !

(02:00 CET)

  • well, and here we go, guys
  • Serenity World First Grand Magistrix Elisande !
  • congratz and now the real fun begins, it´s Gul´dan Mythic Only Phase time !

(01:55 CET)

  • Method could finally manage to down Star Augur Etraeus
  • as a very surprise Фьюжн, another Russian guild , means #3 world, congratulations !
  • so, there are only 4 guilds in the world, having a shot to kill off Grand Magistrix Elisandre and finally fight Gul´dan itself
  • quite hyped for everything of new development today !


Fourth day of progression

(16:08 CET)

  • Экзорсус managed to catch up to Serenity with a World Second of Star Augur Etraeus, congratulations !
  • as a side note: I also know all this drama monentarily happening right now and in the last days and hours  (Method: huge server lags at start ; Serenity: ID “hostage” by someone who seems to be in any connection to Method) ; nevertheless I´d like to focus on pure facts even though there are a couple of conspiracy rumors on the internet
  • if there is any new information to be found on Twitter, regarding most interesting guilds, I´ll put into this text
  • so, stay tuned, guys !

(11:55 CET)

    • so, as the Armory is not working as intended, latest information about set sail for fail is really missing
    • thanks to Twitter we know that they managed to kill off 7 bosses, coming up Star Augur Etraeus
    • this means German First ! congratulations !
    • further more, Serenity has published a very first look at their incredible relief after killing off 8/10 M, enjoy !



Third day of progression

(21:43 CET)

  • wow, finally, Serenity has just killed off Star Augur Etraeus, World First and now only two bosses remaining to clear the instance
  • great job and I just cannot wait to watch the video later on !

(12:55 CET)

  • well, it´s already the third day of the so called World First race and Star Augur Etraeus hasn´t been defeated, yet
  • this encounter seems to be quite blocking and perhaps, not totally sure, a very high dps check ?!
  • nevertheless, there are only 7 guilds in the world fighting this boss: Serenity (EU, Limit (US), Экзорсус (EU), Method (EU) , From Scratch (EU, Pieces (EU) and Entropy (OC)
  • my personal guess for WF Star Augur Etraeus: Method !


Second day of progression

(18:32 CET)

  • Method could down Botanist Tel`arn also, as actually expected
  • let´see which guild will finally kill off Star Augur Etraeus, to step up to the last two remaining encounters

(11:20 CET)

  • we´re back, guys, so, there are two new kills of Botanist Tel`arn to write about
  • Limit and  Экзорсус have also downed this freaking boss, congratz !
  • what´s going on with Method ?! realm lags could be a serious problem, like yesterday, to catch up and grab the most important World First of the entire T19 raid content
  • quite interesting what will happen today, Star Augur Etraeus could be a blocking encounter, perhaps at least !


First day of progression

(21:45 CET)

  • wow, quite crazy, Serenity World First Botanist Tel`arn
  • it´s slowly getting very very interesting
  • can´t wait for Method etc. to catch up !

(18:20 CET)

  • Serenity seems to be back
  • World Second of Tichondrius
  • congratz to Fragnance, Slootbag and co !

(13:59 CET)

  • Экзорсус is now #1 in Europe, Krosus down !

(13:17 CET)

  • well, guys, Экзорсус has just downed Spellblade Aluriel as third guild in the world and first European guild at all, congratulations to Russia
  • let´s see how fast Method and Serenity can catch up !
  • see you later for new updates !

(09:32 CET)

  • good morning guys, last night both US guilds Midwinter and Limit could down 4 (last boss: Spellblade Aluriel) and even 6 (last bosses: Spellblade Aluriel, Krosus and Tichondrius) Mythic bosses
  • congratulations to them
  • let´s see how long we have to wait for more than 3/10 M boss kills by European guilds
  • they shoul start in about 2 hours or so
  • I´m going to update this thread, like in the coming days and perhaps weeks, when there is really something to write about
  • see you soon, guys ! stay tuned !

(00:45 CET)

  • so, guys, the race has finally started, 5 US guilds have already downed the first three bosses on Mythic
  • having a look at progression of Spellblade Aluriel seems to be not that easy, few hours left and still no kill
  • quite interesting how many bosses will go down before EU realms come online in a few hours
  • let´see

Hi guys,

the last part of T19 raid content is just around the corner. This time again, I´ll try my best to offer you the best coverage possible by myself. The last so called World First progress thread has been made within the time frame of roughly three days, at least in terms of Trial of Valor Mythic with Helya as last encounter. It´s very interesting how long we´ll have to wait this time, at least in regards to World First Kill of Gul´dan Mythic.

Nighthold Mythic will open in Europe in less than 24 hours. So, first of all the best guilds in the world will strive again to get #1 in the world by killing the end boss of Nighthold, Gul´dan himself. There are 10 bosses awaiting and I´m quite sure that Gul´dan will survive the first ID, at least.

Based on previous results for Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor Mythic only few weeks ago, I´d assume that it could be quite interesting to observe how the top guilds in general cope with new challenges inside NIghthold Mythic in the next days and perhaps weeks

Most interesting US guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Midwinter (Alliance)

SNF (Alliance)

Limit (Horde)

Easy (Alliance)

Most interesting Oceaning guilds (in US list on wowprogress due to the same time zone) (in terms of former rankings):

Honestly (Alliance)

Entropy (Alliance)


Most interesting EU guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Экзорсус (Horde)

Method (Horde)

Serenity (Horde)

From Scratch (Horde)

Danish Terrace (Alliance)


Most interesting German speaking guilds (in terms of former rankings):

set sail for fail (Horde)

Impact (Horde)


This is just a very rough list of possible very competitive guilds. It has never been so difficult to assess the potential performance at the end. I´m really hesitant to present my own prediction but I´m willing to give it a try. So here´s my own guess and I´m so interested which guild will get World First, US First, EU First and German First !

1) World First

#1 Method (Horde)
#2 Serenity (Horde)
#3 Экзорсус (Horde)

2) US First

#1 Limit (Horde)
#2 SNF(Alliance)
#3 Miwinter (Alliance)

3) EU Frist

#1 Method (Horde)
#2 Serenity (Horde)
#3 Экзорсус (Horde)

4) German First

#1 set sail for fail (Horde)
#2 Impact (Horde)
#3 … no idea …

At the end of this introduction I´d like to underline even again that Gul´dan will be a very hard challenge at the beginning. It could happen that there will be only three guilds at max in the world downing this boss long before any other guild is even near kill range.

That´s it for the moment, so let´s get started !

Regards Tobi

Source (Picture ; free accessible): pixabay


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