My personal tribute to one of the best actors ever: R.I.P. Robin Williams

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there are very few actors I really care about. To be honest, there are very few actors I´m really interested in. One of those actors who have the capability to make people laugh and be very sincere in the next minutes is Robin Williams. I personally have seen a lot of his movies but sadly not all of them but this is no real problem.

Robin Williams have always ensured that there is no role he cannot present, that there is no atmosphere he´s not able to feel. Robin Williams has always been the person, yes the person not just an actor, you would love to have as your friend. One of the best scenes of his carriere is the park bench talk with Matt Damon in “Good Will Hunting”.

Yesterday all the newspapers and the entire internet focused on Robin Williams´death and what he has shared with the world until today. I can´t see a lot of other actors who could have such an impact on ordinary people in so many countries. But, let´s get back to the bench scene. I watched some of his best performances yesterday and this scene is one example why so many people, including myself, just love his work.

When Robin Williams is talking about his wife who died because of cancer and is calling Matt Damon just a kid, a genius but in terms of behavior very childish, all the people in the cinema are part of that conversation. You´re just getting the impression that you´re the person Robin Williams is currently talking to. It´s the mix of brilliant wording and the necessary facial expression what makes the movie so important.

“Good Will Hunting” is by far one of his best movies but the probably best role ever still remains him being the English teacher John Keating in “Dead Poets Society” (German title: Der Club der toten Dichter). As a English teacher you generally should teach specific learning stuff but John Keating primarily cares about the situations and the potential future of his students in class. The term “Captain, my Captain” is probably one of the most suitable forms these days to deal with the death of Robin Williams himself.

That´s all about his job but what´s about the person behind it ? I´m no part of his family, no VIP specialist or something like that but you don´t have to be a genius to see that there is often the dark side of so huge Hollywood stars. Due to the latest information Robin Williams has chosen to end his life. There is also rumor about depression and being an alcoholic for a very long time. Robin Williams has even consumed Cocaine. How the hell can this be, if you´re just referring to his brilliant life as an actor ? Such irony is my most concern.

Robin Williams is something like a symbol for making people happy and to think about their personal life and behavior but in the end, he couldn´t stand his life any longer ? One of the best actors in the last decades has achieved his goal in inspiring a lot of ordinary people but in the end he seems to be unable to achieve his own goal, enjoying his own life. Of course, this is not the first example in the last years but only very few actors underline such a paradox like the one and only Robin Williams.

Rest in peace Robin Williams !

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