Mu Legend CBT 2 – February 21st to February 28th – I am ready !

Hi guys,

as you probably know there are very few games in 2017 I´m really hyped for. One of the most anticipated ones is Mu Legend.

Apparently there is no new content in second Closed Beta. it´s main purpose is about testing new localization implementation (English, French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish and Polish). Actually, I´m way more interested in gameplay and leveling content than localization, but I personally also know some people who´d like to play the game in their native language.

This beta phase is quite short. I´ll try to present interesting coverage, streams, youtube videos and perhaps new blogs posts. I´m planning to level a new Whisperer from start to get used to this game, again.

I´d love to get some beta keys for potential giveaway, but it´s not that easy. We´ll see.

As a reminder, my videos about CBT 1 of Mu Legend, sadly only in Germam. Nevertheless, enjoy and stay tuned for CBT 2, guys !

Mu Legend – First Look Closed Beta – Whisperer

Mu Legend – Closed Beta – Fight against Glasha – Whisperer

Mu Legend – Closed Beta – Endless Tower (1-16) – Whisperer

Mu Legend – Closed Beta – War Mage – Short Introduction

Regards Tobi

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