Oscars 2017 – Highlights and own thoughts

Hi guys,

every year in February it´s Oscars´time. This year everything could have been so different. It could have become the most politically heated Oscars of all time, but it just wasn´t the case.

The United States of America, Hollywood and President Donald J. Trump, how is it even possible to not get any kind of uproar these days ? Honestly I did expect a lot of very critical speeches by winning nominees, but there were only very rare moments, sadly.

From my point of view, there was just one single person who tried to mix up serious critical words about the ongoing dubious politics by the US government with good comedy, the host, Jimmy Kimmel. Words like “overrated actress” (regarding Trump´s reaction to Meryl Streep days before), missing “Braveheart” in the room (regarding Mel Gibson´s previous role in same-titled film) or the idea of awaiting new tweets by Donald Trump as harsh reaction, were so damn strong but true, as well.

Nevertheless, all this wording has been inverted, it has never been a very emotional and truthful statement. If there is no need for political statements, after “Muslim Ban” and more controversial issues, in 2017, when will this ever be again ?

For that, I really did appreciate the letter of Iranian citizen Asghar Farhadi (“The Salesman” as best “Foreign Language Film”) to underline the very bad idea to not let people visit the United States of America because of their nationalities. It was a very important and tranquillizing moment to make people, watching around the world, understand the dramatic situations on our planet, besides all splendour of Hollywood atmosphere.

Well, I guess, we have to be kind of satisfied, how it turned out last night. It could have become so much worse, but also, so much better ! At least, Viola Davis could finally get her first Oscar, so deserved !

Enjoy the following lines !

Listing of categories (sorted by value)

Best Picture

Actor in a Leading Role: Casey Affleck

Actress in a Leading Role: Emma Stone


Actor in a Supporting Role

Actress in a Supporting Role

Original Song

Foreign Language Film

Documentary Feature

Documentary Short

Animated Feature

Animated Short

Adapted Screenplay

Original Screenplay

Closing Remark

I haven´t been any hyped for the Oscars this year. Perhaps that´s the way to go for next year. We will just have to wait and see, no more, no less.

Thanks for reading, see you next year !

Regards Tobi


Source (Picture; free accessable): pixabay

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