Mu Legend (Closed Beta) – General remarks and my own playing style as Whisperer

Hi guys,

this blog post tries to present a general look at the features of Mu Legend. Mu Legend has become very important to me, and I´d like to share some reasons !

Enjoy. I hope you like it !

I Introduction

  • an Action RPG with MMO elements (comparable to Devilian)
  • generally quite Asian setting but not too awkward in any sense
  • there have already been two phases of Closed Beta (CBT 1 and CBT2) ; there is no official date for Open Beta, or even release, yet !
  • WEBZEN is quite known for F2P games, and Mu Legend is likely to be the same
  • there will probably be an ingame shop later on ; let´s hope it will not entail any items that really affect gameplay (Pay to Win)
  • current max level at level 65
  • thanks to CBT 2 there is localization implementation (German, Polish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, French and English)

II General remarks

!!! Disclaimer: All pictures are ingame screenshots !!!

  • four classes (Dark Lord, War Mage, Whisperer and Blader) (Spellbinder will be implemented in Open Beta)

  • when you pick a class, e.g. Whisperer, there is a preview of potential playing style but this does not mean that you´re forced to stick to one of these two styles ; you can always switch your abilities and spells (dependent on your equipped weapon)
  • Open World: quests (Main Story and Side Quests),other players you get in contact with, dungeons which you can run on your own or accompanied by numerous players

  • Stats (Character) (C): Main Stats (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Max HP, Health, Max MP) ; Attack (Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction, Critical Rate, Critical Damage) ; Penetration (Physical Penetration, Magic Penetration, Defense Penetration) ; Elemental Attack (Physical Damage, Magic Damage, Fire Damage, Cold Damage, Lightning Damage, Nature Damage) ; Defense (Physical Defense, Magic Defense, Evasion Rate, Shield Block Rate, CC Duration Reduction) ; Recovery (HP Recovery, MP Recovery, MP Cost Reduction) ; Elemental Defense (Physical Resistance, Magic Resistance, Fire Resistance, Cold Resistance, Lightning Resistance, Nature Resistance) ; Action (Movement Speed, Item Pickup Radius)


  • Stats on items: Example: Expert Bow (Dexterity, Health +, Decreases Crowd Control duration, MP Cost Reduction, Monster Kill EXP)


  • Quest Journal (J): very simple and good looking design


  • World Map (M) you have to zoom out at max ; different continents which entail different regions ; you can easily switch between current city and capital city using an item (right to button “t” on the screenshot abough) ; in general teleporting via using specific waypoint in the respective area)

ScreenShot00060 ScreenShot00061 ScreenShot00062 ScreenShot00063 ScreenShot00064

  • Crafting: just head over to the “Craftsman” in a city and you´re able to craft various kinds of items, even wings later on ! ; on high end level you´re required to get a lot of items that drop in dungeons, rifts, and other content (for more information check out the “High End Content” section down below)

ScreenShot00035 ScreenShot00036 ScreenShot00037 ScreenShot00038 ScreenShot00039 ScreenShot00040

  • Community: you can add friends, like in every single game


  • Achievements: an overview about already completed achievements or those you´d like to obtain


  • Guild: you´re able to create or join a guild ; you´re even able to apply to a guild
  • Inventory (I): quite decent inventory storage from start


  • rather simple Map (M): very clear map design, you always know where to go ; using way points you even get a preview of the area you´d like to go next ; very nice idea !


  • Manage Pets: ther is a variety of pets in the game ; you can summon one pet for special effects like more Monster Kill EXP and increased Soul EXP


  • Soul Box: like in Diablo III there is something like a Paragon system in Mu Legend, but not just when you reach max level ; besides that, you always earn ordinary XP to level up, but also XP to level your Soul Level ; every Soul Level grants you one point to invest ; I prefer to invest all my points into EXP until level 65 ; after that I´d love to put all points into Criticial Rate (level 60 bonus is quite strong, in my opinion)

ScreenShot00009 ScreenShot00010


III Talent spec and personal playing style

  • during CBT 2 I really fell in love with Whisperer ; in CBT 1 I also had a look at War Mage, but I´m just not a fan of Gender Lock
  • Whisperer seems the way to go and to become more and more “my class”
  • in the following videos it´s quite easy to understand the mix of my playing style ; in general I switch between “Crowd Control” and “Pure Single Target” builds

  • “Crowd Control Build”: Sprint ; Roll, Chaser´s Trap ; Multi Shot ; Muli Kill ; Wind Sprint ; Piercing Arrow ; Electric Explosion
  • “Pure Single Target Build”: Roll ; Green Sanctum (or Chaser´s Trap) ; Multi Shot ; Multi Kill ; Wind Sprint ; Piercing Arrow ; Swift Shot

  • in terms of Expert Skills I´ve always chosen Bombardment and Chase ; the reason for Chase lies in my own “build” which is primarily about kiting mobs and dodging as quick as possible
  • I could only expierence Normal and Hard difficulty, so it could be very likely to switch to more AoE burst and more single target damage in the end (e.g. in Calamity Mode)

ScreenShot00001 ScreenShot00002 ScreenShot00003 ScreenShot00004 ScreenShot00005 ScreenShot00006 ScreenShot00007

ScreenShot00025 ScreenShot00027 ScreenShot00028 ScreenShot00029 ScreenShot00030 ScreenShot00031 ScreenShot00032

ScreenShot00042 ScreenShot00043

IV High End Content (Level 65)

  • Overview: using the button “Escape” means an opportunity for a look at Dungeon Entry Count ; this structures the question “what to do next ?” quite well and I really appreaciate such an approach !
  • further more, there is a Looking for Group tool (Search for Party) which makes it quite accessable to recruit other players or to join other groups for distinctive kind of content


ScreenShot00019 ScreenShot00020

  • PvP (Player vs. Player): there are two forms of PvP ; Altar of Spirits (comparable to battle grounds in other games ; up to 10 players) and Arena 

ScreenShot00015 ScreenShot00016

  • PvE (Player vs. Enemy): there is a lot you can do at maximum level when it comes to solo and group content
  1. Rifts


2. Dungeons

3. Warped Magic Gem Mine


4. Endless Tower


5. Fabrice´s Garden


6. Luery´s Secret Vault


7. Blood Castle


8. Lupa´s Labyrinth



V Concluding remark

  • it is just too early for tips and tricks
  • we have to wait and see whether there will be any kind of amendments
  • Open Beta will tell us way more, and we´re going to experience the new class (Spellbinder) for the very first time

  • I´m really interested how this will turn out in the next months
  • nevertheless, I guess this blog post could be quite helpful
  • Mu Legend could become a very strong and popular game but it just needs more people to get in touch !
  • thanks for reading, and there will be more content of mine in Open Beta later on this year !

Regards Tobi

Source (Picture ; free accessable):pixabay



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