“be water” Guild (Blackhand EU) – First Kill Videos (German Commentary) (Tier 19) (7/7 M ; 2/3 M ; 8/10 M) (Update: 11/06/17)

Hi guys,

these are the first kills of our Guild “be water” (Blackhand EU).

More to be added in near future.

Enjoy !

Trial of Valor Mythic

Guarm Mythic

Odyn Mythic

Nighthold Mythic

Star Augur

High Botanist Tel´arn

Tichondrius ( World 3322 ; EU 1826 ; Realm 25)( I couldn´t attend and there is no video)


Spellblade Aluriel 

Krosus Mythic

Trilliax Mythic

Chronomatic Anomaly Mythic

Skorpyron Mythic

regards Tobi


source (picture ; free accessible): pixabay

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