Diablo III RoS – It´s just a matter of time until Necromancer is mine – Season 10 will end on Friday, June 23 / Season 11 will start on Thursday, July 20

Hi guys,

we now know the exact dates. We just have to wait about 6 weeks from now to get ready to start Necromancer next season.

Sadly I couldn´t make it into closed beta (sad face), just no key yet, but I´m quite sure that there will be a PTR in the upcoming weeks.


Anyways, I´m going to roll a Necromancer (build has to be checked before) next season and I´m kind of pumped right now. Just don´t want to wait any longer.

We can now count weeks and days, from now. Hmm, we´re going to make it, guys, we are strong !^^


regards Tobi


source (picture ; free accessible): pixabay


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