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one of the major topics of calsportal.eu are movies and series and, by far, gaming. Even today there is still a lot of prejudice out there, when it comes to gaming. Gaming seems to be bad, like watching TV, and reading books is so much better for your life.

Such thoughts are even being underlined in our media these days. A few years ago even the German television channel RTL did manage to discredit a specific audience of Gamescom, one of the biggest gaming and entertainment faires on our planet, just for populism reason. The characterization of being a gamer often goes hand in hand with the annotation of being a nerd, sadly.

Of course, it´s quite easy now for “gamers” to be angry and start a dispute. Nevertheless, it´s not even needed, we just have to consider current scientific research. To get in contact with decent and comprehensive information, just check out Positive Health Wellness.

The following quotes do not represent any bad conntation of being a gamer, at all !


Source (Picture): Positive Health Wellness

Article: 12 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Video Games (by Karen Reed ; February 15, 2017)

Regarding creativity benefits

And then there are the creation games like Minecraft and the Sims. You get to create families, build houses, and create worlds. You’ll soon develop universes and create characters that had never existed before. You get to tell a story through the games, which develops with each round that you play.

The creativity passes through to your abilities in life. You start to find a new way to handle situations in real life, and you will become far more valuable at work. There’s a better job satisfaction, which will help to boost your mental health. There is even the ability to escape the rat race and create your own business to support your family yourself with more financial freedom.

Regarding memory and other cognitive abilities

We hear all the time about how we need to keep our brains working to keep the function at the highest level. While many of us focus on crosswords and Sudoku puzzles, there’s no denying that computer games may be able to help. Just think about the amount that your brain must do while you’re playing the games.

Over time, you will start to recognize patterns in the games, and you need to remember missions, characters, what various items in the games do, and much more. While you’re looking for creative ways to get through the stages, you will keep the brain ticking.

There are also games created specifically to help train the brain. The Wii Fit has a game that makes you do math problems, hitting balls to answer the questions by moving your hips. You’re working physically and mentally at the same time. There are others where you will need to perform memory tasks, or you’ll be asked to answer other questions.

Regarding social skills and building connections

You’ll find your social skills improve while you’re playing games. Most units now can connect online and chat to other people who are playing the games. Some of the chats are live and through headsets, while others are through forums connected to the games.

You get to know other people and build connections in life. Everyone celebrates together, and there’s a feeling of belonging.

There’s also the ability to improve your social skills while under pressure. You may need to set out orders to your team members while playing a co-op shooting game while under fire from the enemy. There’s a stress aspect, and you need to make aclear and concise communication to let people know where you are and what you need them to do.

Perhaps this website could be a benefit for your ordinary life, as well !

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