Tomb of Sargeras Mythic World First Race: Coverage by (18.08.17 ; 11:25 CET) (Kil´jaeden Mythic: Method WF ; Exorsus WS ; AFK R WT ; Aversion German First)



  • we´re finally done, German First by Aversion
  • it took them quite a long time, hundreds of tries, just after Fallen Avatar again, aren´t that appealing !
  • congratz to Nexx and his guildies ; world #21 is not that bad, seriously !



  • finally some more EU guilds finishing the content, so far
  • SrubBusters and Memento (Finish speaking only) could get #6 and #7 world, congratz
  • as I´ve already written down, just waiting for Aversion to be next and end this very long progression cycle this time, go for it !



  • hi guys, we’ve finally got 5 guilds which could down Kil’ jaeden Mythic
  • interestingly, 3 of 5 are Asian (KR: AFK R ; CN:Alpha ; CN: STYLE WAR)
  • especially Alpha’s Progression isn’t new to a lot of Twitch viewers ; kill should be around almost 1500 wipes ?!!!!
  • let’s see which guild will be next ; waiting for Aversion as German First !



  • so, here´s the final World First video, I´ve really enjoyed
  • just by watching it appears to be one of the hardest boss encounters of all time, perhaps the one and only hard encounter !
  • have fun watching !






  • so, we finally have the World Second kill of Kil´jaeden Mythic by Exorsus
  • as you can hear in the following Nerdscream video, they were kind of happy (to be honest, they were fucking freaking out but who on earth does not understand ?^^)
  • enjoy, perhaps World First video in the upcoming days !?



  • bad news, guys, it seems to be the end of set sail for fail (still looking for official confirmation)
  • I´ve really liked this guild so far, especially Feargings, today Dono, their guild lead
  • sadly, we only have one high end German speaking guild in the top 10 ranking
  • the World First race isn´t the same any more !
  • in rememberance of set sail for fail their first kill against Helya Mythic !
  • R.I.P.



  • oh Lord, what an euphoric nerdscream of Rogerbrown !^^


  • so, guys, the race is over ; Method World First !
  • it took them over 650 (!) tries to down Kil´jaeden Mythic
  • this means that the last two bosses have cost nearly 1100 pulls, what a complete mandness !
  • congratulations, let´s see which guild will be next, cannot wait to know …




  • good morning, 9 guilds are fighting now against Kil´jaeden Mythic
  • there is finally the multiple pov version of Method´s World First video
  • even a German speaking guild could down this Avatar, so becoming #8 world right now, congratz to Aversion !
  • that´s by far the most important German First up to now, strong performance, so far !



  • so, there is still no kill of Kil´jaeden Mythic listed
  • nevertheless, Fallen Avatar Mythic seems to be doable right now as 7 guilds are 8/9 M right now (Chinese guild “Alpha” is now being listed as #3 world ; so now it´s an official World Third kill !)
  • there has been a hotifx of him (only 5 Shadow Blades insted of 7 now) ; this boss is still way harder than every boss in the instance before
  • so, do not expect too many kills this ID !
  • further more, we finally can understand how Method could down Fallen Avatar Mythic as World First
  • the video is really nice and phase 2 looks so easy, just brilliant play and amazing strategy !



  • it´s very interesting whether we´re going to have a World First kill today or not
  • regarding latest information on Twitter Blizzard has kind of hotfixed quite a lot of bugs of Kil´jaeden Mythic
  • perhaps this makes it even possible to do down in the next hours by Method or Exorsus !



  • so, we still don´t have any information about how far Method and Exorsus could get in terms of Kil´jaeden Mythic, but there is one important news
  • the Chinese guild Alpha, not to find at wowprogress (I guess because of different raid locksouts), could finally down Fallen Avatar Mythic
  • it´s not a formal World Third kill, we still have to wait for
  • nevertheless it´s quite interesting to check out their VoD as they did stream every single aspect of the encounter (just no TS mumbling)

Live-Video von VizoukGG auf anzeigen



  • so, guys, there is finally some news to write about
  • Экзорсус has also managed to down Fallen Avatar Myhic which means World Second kill
  • congratulations to Russia and now the games are ready to begin !
  • in the meantime, Method could even down Fallen Avatar a second time (there has been a hotfix regarding classes with immunities, as well), which is really impressing
  • so, only two guilds are now ready to kill off Kil´jaeden Mythic until next Wednesday which is a lot of time
  • I guess it´s quite likely that he will go down this ID by one of these two outstanding raiding guilds, good luck to both !


— Exorsus (@ExorsusWoW) 7. Juli 2017




  • what the actual fuck, World First Fallen Avatar Mythic by Method
  • 453 tries, what the hell, this is so insane regarding the days they had
  • just uncredible achievement, congratz to everyone involved !


Source: Method

  • interesting Setup: 5 Rogues !


  • good morning, so, Fallen Avatar is STILL alive, what a surprise
  • even 20 guilds in the world are currently running their heads against a wall
  • this wall seems to be so toughly tuned that perhaps US guild will start in the next ID today
  • as this boss seems to be such a blocking encounter, a lot of more guilds will be capable to catch up, as the advantage of many tries will be reduced constantly now
  • really looking forward to today ; will he die this ID or do we have to wait even a few more days ?
  • in the meantime German Second of Maiden of Vigilance by set sail for fail



  • good morning, guys, nothing really interesting has happened
  • right now there are 13 guilds in the world running against the wall of Fallen Avatar Mythic
  • there is even rumor on Twitch that Blizzard has tuned this boss so tight that it´s going to be impossible to kill him in first ID
  • aside from huge DPS and HPS numbers the raid seems to be required to offer as much classes and specs with immunities as even possible
  • phase 1: in contrast to Heroic even ranged players have to soak the beams targeting the Maiden
  • phase 2: there is even more stuff to soak ; if players fail to do it the platform will be destroyed even quicker
  • as you can see, this encounter could perhaps even survive this ID ; we´ll know tomorrow what´s the matter for both US guilds, Limit and Easy
  •  in the meantime a few more videos to watch, enjoy !

World First: Method

German First: Aversion

World 13th: Future (streaming progression every day at the moment ; streams to find below)



  • still no Fallen Avatar kill, he seems to be very hard and a blocking encounter before Kil´jaeden Mythic himself
  • Aversion could finally down Maiden of Vigilance Mythic, another German First, congratz (#9 World)
  • to better know how this fight looks like here´s the kill video by US top guild Limit

US First 


  • in the meantime here´s the World First video of Method vs. Mistress Sassz´ine Mythic (Sco´s PoV)

World First: Method


  • hmm, a bit of surprise to me …
  • Easy (US guild) could grab their #4 world kill of Maiden of Vigilance Mythic
  • congratulations
  • do we can expect even a German First of Maiden today ? I´m quite excited for new kills of her, and perhaps Fallen Avatar, today !


  • German First of Mistress Sassz´ine for Aversion (former Impact)
  • congratulations
  • very strong current ranking with #9 world
  • keep going !



  • so, now we´ve got three guilds at 7/9 Mythic
  • World Third for Limit and US First, of course
  • congratz to Yipz and co. ; just bring it, even more !



  • Экзорсуc  could catch up to 7/9 M, as well
  • so both top guilds of the best guilds in the world are now running against Fallen Avatar
  • let´s see if he´ll fall or not !



  • Method World First Maiden of Vigilance Mythic !
  • so, only this guild can get tries on Fallen Avatar now
  • every day of raiding today to get to Kil´jaeden ?
  • further more, Limit gets World Third for Mistress Sassz´ine
  • after that they just downed The Desolate Host, as well
  • so, one guild with 7/9 M and only two guilds with 6/9 M
  • this kind of underlines the huge gap between the first three guilds and kind of the rest


  • Экзорсус World Second kill of Mistress Sassz´ine, congratz to Russia
  • only two guilds with more than 5 downed bosses so far, quite a surprise to me, honestly
  • let´s see what will happen today ; will even Fallen Avatar get killed ?
  • we´ll see



  • Method World First Mistress Sassz´ine Mythic, congratz to Sco and co.
  • so, Maiden next, good luck and fun !


  • Экзорсус now also at 5/9 Mythic ; so only three guilds in the world with more than 4 bosses down
  • Mistress next, let´s wait and see for new World First message !


  • well, ok, Method has just downed The Desolate Host on Mythic, so World Second and EU First
  • things getting more interesting now ; low long do we have to wati for 6/9 M ? I´m kind of hyped, actually


  • oh, and by the way, for all the EU players and stream viewers around the world
  • we can now have a look at progression of Future (quite some famous players of Serenity and Method before) to get an insight about high end raiding
  • so, I´ve just embedded two streams, there are a lot more to find on Twitch, check them out !
  • enjoy and see you in a few hours for more awesome World First race updates !

Live-Video von Naguura auf anzeigen

Live-Video von Rikhh auf anzeigen

  • good morning, guys, so today the actual race starts ; EU realms have already been opened and Split Heroic runs are happening right now
  • Big Dumb Guild could also down The Desolate Host Mythic as a World First , congratulations
  • honestly, no clue what this guild is about and what their players did achieve in the past but it´s quite cool to see new names coming up
  • let´s see how long they can take part in the race
  • please, expect new updates around 6 to 7 p.m. CET today, I guess all bosses before will fall as quick as possible
  • so interesting stuff incoming when guilds catch up to 5 bosses or even go forward


  • Limit could catch up to 4/9 Mythic as well, let´s go guys !


  • ok, here we go, guys
  • a few US guilds could manage to down three bosses in Mythic and Big Dump Guild could even kill off Sisters of the Moon Mythic, congratz
  • as you probably know, the actual race starts with 5 or 6 bosses down
  • let´s see how long it will take this night

Hi guys,

the new raid of Tier 20 is about to start. As always, I´m going to try my very best to offer you the best coverage at all. Every new World First race is so different and kind of unique in contrast to everything before. So, it´s so difficult to guess, how long we´re forced to wait, this time.

Tomb of Sargeras will open in Europe in less than 48 hours. So, first of all, the best guilds in the world will strive again to get #1 in the world by killing the end boss of Tomb of Sargeras, Kil´jaeden himself. There are 9 bosses awaiting and I´m quite sure that Kil´jaeden will survive the first ID, at least.

Based on previous results for Emerald Nightmare, Trlal of Valor and Nighthold Mythic, I´d assume that it could be quite interesting, but not like in the past, sadly, to observe how the top guilds in general cope with new challenges inside Tomb of Sargeras Mythic in the next days and weeks.

Most interesting US guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Limit (Horde)

Easy (Alliance)

Encore (Horde)

Most interesting Oceaning guilds (in US list on wowprogress due to the same time zone) (in terms of former rankings):

Ego (Horde)

Honestly (Alliance)


Most interesting EU guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Экзорсус (Horde)

Method (Horde)

Libertad (Alliance)

ScrubBusters (Alliance)

FatSharkYes (Horde)

Openness (Horde)


Most interesting German speaking guilds (in terms of former rankings):

set sail for fail (Horde)

Aversion (Horde)

A Dying Wish (Horde)

In flagranti (Alliance)

Abstinentia (Horde)

The Unnamed (Horde)


This is just a very rough list of possible very competitive guilds. It has never been so difficult to assess the potential performance at the end. I´m really hesitant to present my own prediction but I´m willing to give it a try. So here´s my own guess and I´m so interested which guild will get World First, US First, EU First and German First !

Further more, please bear in mind, that there are some guilds which has left real hardcore raiding (e.g. From Scratch, Danish Terrace), which has been dissolved (e.g. Serenity) or which have been reformed incl. a new name (e.g. former Impact, now Aversion).

1) World First

#1 Method (Horde)
#2 Экзорсус (Horde)
#3 Limit (Horde)

2) US First

#1 Limit (Horde)
#2 Easy (Alliance)
#3 Encore (Horde)

3) EU Frist

#1 Method (Horde)
#2 Экзорсус (Horde)
#3 FatSharkYes (Horde)

4) German First

#1 set sail for fail (Horde)
#2 Aversion (Horde)
#3 A Dying Wish (Horde)

At the end of this introduction I´d like to underline even again that Kil´jaeden will be a very hard challenge at the beginning. It could happen that there will be only three guilds at max in the world downing this boss long before any other guild is even near kill range.

That´s it for the moment. We still have to wait a few hours but let´s get ready for World First race feeling !

Regards Tobi

Source (Picture ; free accessible): pixabay

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