Mu Legend – Open Beta this September !

Hi guys,

for all the people who are quite hyped for Mu Legend Open Beta, here´s a short reminder. We´re going to finally check out this game without any wipes of characters any more this September.

At start it should have been around this summer, now it´s September. For me, honestly, it´s super important that we´re lucky enough to have the best experience even possible. I just want to jump into the game from start to max level with a lot of content and without any kind of bugs etc.

We have been wating for such an announcement for quite a long time now, but, as we say in German “Gut Ding will Weile haben” (“Rome wasn´t build in a day).

Cannot wait for Mu Legend Open Beta. Coverage of will explode in September, I promise !^^

MfG Tobi

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