Diablo III RoS – Necromancer – Season 11 today ! – complete overview (leveling, different builds and more) (20/07)

Hi guys,

I´ve already created some videos about present builds in the off season. I think it´s quite nice to sum them up before next season goes live.

So, this thread will be updated from time to time to present my own play style and a lot of fun before start. Enjoy !

By the way, I´m planning the following streaming schedule for this week:

this Thursday (17 – 20 CET Season 11 Necromancer NHC ; 20 – 23 WoW Main Raid ; 23 – Open End Necromancer NHC)

this Friday (a very long stream)

this Saturday (a very long stream)

this Sunday (has to be seen)

Some notes before videos

  • keep in mind that you can wait for next season to go live until you do your next Challenge Rift (just be 70 in the season to get materials quite easily)
  • there are some greater chests in the new implemented zones in the Adventure Mode (to get some rares at start)
  • the Rathma Set will be obtainable via the Season Journey, so you can spend all your Blood Shards for other slots (e.g. the set shield which is very important for Rathma)
  • don´t be too focused on powerleveling and collecting gear ; it will all happen very fast !
  • sesaon start is always a lot of fun, enjoy it with your friends !

Final remarks before season 11 (German only) (I)

Own leveling process (II)

Rathma Set (III)

Inarius Set (IV)

Trag´oul Set (V)

Trag´oul Wings (meta achievement) (in addition) (VI)

regards Tobi


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