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we´re getting closer and closer to OBT, thankfully. WEBZEN has just revealed special packs for founders of Mu Legend.

I´m quite a big fan of Mu Legend since Closed Beta I. I really like this game, and it´s fair enough to support the developers.

Nevertheless, I think everyone should think about such steps. The “Platinum” version is quite expensive, even to me. The “Gold” edition sounds quite decent and 35 Euro is quite a nice price, over all.

For that, I´m trying to buy the abough mentioned edition before Open Beta gets live. I just hope that current reactions on social media regarding “pay to win” won´t be real in November.

Mu Legend has got such huge potential, I´m totally fine with mounts, pets, appearance and even a bit of experience buff, but please, no further impact on gameplay in general.

Every player should have the same possibilites from start. To boost players who do not have so much time, seems ok to me, but please, stop going any further. It´s not fun at all to feel so restricted in a game you have been waiting for for nearly ages.

Please, WEBZEN keep such thoughts in mind. Whatsoever, I just cannot wait for November 7th !

Sources:  Mu Legend – Frontier Packs / Mu Legend – Frontier Packs (overview)

Regards Tobi

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