Antorus The Burning Throne Mythic World First Race: Coverage by (#1 Method (EU) ; #2 Exorsus (EU) ; #3 Memento (EU) ; #4 Alpha (CN) ; 5 Limit (US)) (28.12.17 ; 13:48 CET)



  • well guys, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and feeling very relaxed right now
  • in terms of World First race there are some important news to share
  • Aversion could manage to kill off Argus last Friday, so shortly before Christmas, congratz to Nexx and co for German First and #10 World
  • further more, there are 19 guilds right now which could down the end boss of the entire expansion
  • there are already several nterviews which are quite nice and informative, check them out !

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    • good morning, well, it finally happened, the Chinese guild Alpha, I really was following their stream last days, what a blast, could manage to down Argus as #4 world, congratz
    • as you can see in the following link, this is kind of an amazing nerd scream, they were really pushing hard for such an achievement
    • shortly after the US top guild, #3 world before pulling Argus, Limit could also finally down this boss
    • congratz to Xyronic and co. and enjoy your Christmas Holidays in the next days, well deserved !
    • last but not last, enjoy the best nerd scream (starting 00:10:40) since ages, Alpha just rock, really a blast watching their official or inofficial (?) re-stream on Twitch !



  • Memento World Third, congratz to Finland !
  • any Paragon 2.0 chance for Battle for Azeroth ?!
  • kind of impressive, they´ve really improved well !


    • so, let´s go, World First video of the end boss of Legion against Method, enjoy !


    • well guys, still no World Third but the Chinese guild Alpha streaming a bit below in this thread could just manage to bring Argus the Unmaker Mythic down to 3,0%
    • it´s just a matter of time for downing the boss, perhaps other guilds are even closer
    • nevertheless Method is going to release the hyped World First video tonight at 06:30 GMT
    • I cannot wait and really looking foward to
    • please bear in mind, that there is no special Phase 4
    • what Sco was talking about, regarding Sargeras joining the fight, seems to be related to stressfull bombardment starting at around 5% in phase 3
    • this fight looks quite awesome, even in Heroic (as my guild could experience last night)
    • stay tuned, video of Method incoming in a few hours !



    • as expected, Exorsus could manage to grab another World Second kill of Argus the Unmaker Mythic
    • even if it´s just a race among two guilds, the race is still nice to observe
    • let´s hope that both of them are going to continue next expansion, and perhaps Limit pushing way harder ?
    • I guess we won´t have to wait too long for release of the World First video
    • Limit, keep on going, we´d like to see Sargeras himself in action !



    • so, good morning everyone
    • there is no new Argus the Unmaker Mythic kill yet
    • at least we are able to listen to some nerd screams of Method´s roster, enjoy !
    • let´s hope Exorsus and Limit will make it the next days, perhaps hours (?)
    • cannot wait for the actual World First video !




  • regarding Sco´s recent streaming action threre is a bit of spoilers out there, attention !
  • there is a fourth phase
  • Sargeras will enter the fight ( I don´t know for sure ; perphaps lust blasting the raid from above ?)
  • Method did have a 0.5% before, kind of tilting the entire raid
  • Sco described the end of the fight as breaktaking and just very intense in general
  • so cool information, in my opinion !


    • World First Argus the Unmaker Mythic  by Method !!!
    • congratz to Sco and co !
    • really impressive performance, cannot wait for interviews in the next hours and days



    • so, no further information for the moment
    • nevertheless enjoy the World First video of Method vs. Aggramar Mythic



    • so, last day of progression before ID reset
    • there are 18 guilds in the world running against Argus right now
    • will Argus survive the first ID or not ? that´s the main question for today, I´m quite interested
    • is it just a matter of gear or even still tactics ? how far could Method and Exorsus even get ? nobody knows …




  • Honestly (OC) now also going to fight Argus, have fun !^^


    • hi guys, a lot has happend recently
    • first of all Argus is still alive, perhaps he can survive even the first ID ?
    • regarding Raider.IO and even wowprogress there have been some kills of Aggramar
    • Method Exorsus, Limit, Memento, Style War, Bleached Bones, Alpha, ScrubBusters, Easy and Libertad now all with 10/11 M
    • you can have a look at gamplay of Style War (CN) and Libertad aka PrestigeGamingWoW (EU) (Russian guild) ; they´re streaming the entire progression on Argus the Unmaker Mythic with TS or not

Live-Video von VizoukGG auf ansehen

Live-Video von PrestigeGamingWoW auf ansehen



    • no new update regarding Argus Mythic despite a quite cool tweet by Sco of Method
    • but shortly before this kind of fun, Bleached Bones, another EU guild, even Alliance, could also manage to down Aggramar as #5 world !
    • congratz, quite nice !


  • we´ve got a World Fourth kill, congratz to Memento !
  • by the way, wowprogress is still not covering the Chinese guild Style War for example, they´re just running against Aggramar Mythic right now
  • so, plase, keep in mind that the actual ranking is due to change in the next days
  • and still, ARGUS lives !



    • well guys, no Argus kill yet
    • will he die this weekend or even survive the first ID ?
    • by the way, the German speaking guild Aversion (previous Impact) could down three new bosses yesterday, so 9/11 now
    • the quite famous guild Future due to different “celebrities” of Method and Serenity before, streaming the entire progression cycle, could also down Coven of Shivarra Mythic
    • to end it up, here´s the World First video of Limit, enjoy !

World First Coven of Shivarra von Xyronic auf ansehen



  • so, Argus still lives, hopefully way longer than everything before
  • Limit could also get to Aggramar
  • they´re really pushing hard this time
  • quite interesting to see if there´s any chance for a real surprise at Argus



  • well, Exorsus could also manage to down Aggramar on Mythic difficulty
  • so, it´s once again Method vs. Exorsus ? what about Limit, how much could be possible ? World Third or even more ?
  • I would love to know how much tries Method could even get on Argus
  • there should be a Mythic only phase regarding Sargeras´impact ; sounds quite interesting
  • let´see what will happen tonight


  • well, Aggramar even down, I cannot believe this tier, so far
  • how is it even possible to get to last boss of the entire expansion in less than 24 hours ?
  • is Blizzard´s tuning really intended ? I guess after this progression a lot of guilds will be quite dissapointed
  • of course, first bosses are quite easy, most of the time, but the later encounters also going down ? hmm, quite weird
  • let´s see how long Argus could last
  • kill even this weekend ?



  • so, I´m finally at home, so quite new information to share for now
  • three guilds could manage to down 9/11 Mythic bosses
  • Limit, Method and Exorsus now keep pushing hard against Aggramar
  • let´s hope it will take some time until Argus the Unmaker will be the final challenge this tier, especially due to the fact that that´s the end of Legion, raiding wise
  • quite interesting so far !


  • Nova Exorsus and Method (EU First) have defeated The Defense of Eonar
  • congratz and keep pushing, four bosses left until catch up is here !
  • I´m going to try to update in the next hours, could be a bit later than expected due to RL stuff, stay tuned guys !


  • EU guilds are really pushing, as well
  • Method, Exorsus and Piece 4/11 M right now
  • keep on going, keep on pushing, please !


  • good morning guys, it seems that Limit is just rushing through the entire instance
  • 9/11 bosses down, Aggramar should hold the door as a quotation of Rogerbrown of Method
  • EU guilds have to hurry up to reach Aggramar in so less hours
  • going to be a tough race tonight, will Argus be down even this weekend ?


  • Limit going for World First of Antorus ?
  • we don´t know for sure but they are strong right now
  • 7/11 World First, congratz !



    • we can literally follow a US guild for World First Kin´garoth
    • quite hyped to have a look at this cool fight, really enjoying it in heroic mode

Live-Video von Polywagtv auf ansehen


  • so, progress has already started
  • two US guilds could even manage to down 6 of 11 bosses on Mythic difficulty
  • quite fast but this just underlines that for top end raiding guilds the real progress will just start at the end of the instance
  • congratz to Limit and Easy
  • let´s see when Kin´garoth will be down ; quite dps check inc. ?

Hi guys,

the new raid of Tier 21 is about to start. As always, I´m going to try my very best to offer you the best coverage at all. Every new World First race is so different and kind of unique in contrast to everything before. So, it´s so difficult to guess, how long we´re forced to wait, this time.

Antorus The Burning Throne will open in Europe in less than 48 hours. So, first of all, the best guilds in the world will strive again to get #1 in the world by killing the end boss of Antorus The Burning Throne, Argus the Unmaker himself. There are 11 bosses awaiting and I´m quite sure that Argus the Unmaker will survive the first ID, at least.

Based on previous results for Emerald NightmareTrlal of Valor Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras Mythic , I´d assume that it could be quite interesting, but not like in the past, sadly, to observe how the top guilds in general cope with new challenges inside Antorus The Burning Throne Mythic in the next days and weeks.

Most interesting US guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Limit (Horde)

Easy (Horde)

Encore (Horde)

Big Dumb Guild (Horde)


vodkzz (Horde)

Most interesting Oceaning guilds (in US list on wowprogress due to the same time zone) (in terms of former rankings):

Ego (Horde)

Honestly (Alliance)


Most interesting EU guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Экзорсус (Horde)

Method (Horde)

Libertad (Alliance)

ScrubBusters (Alliance)

FatSharkYes (Horde)

Memento (Horde)

Nova (Horde)


Most interesting German speaking guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Aversion (Horde)

Gambit (Horde)

A Dying Wish (Horde)

Northern Sky (Alliance)

Northwind (Horde)

The Unnamed (Horde)

Herzog Igzor (Alliance)


This is just a very rough list of possible very competitive guilds. It has never been so difficult to assess the potential performance at the end. I´m really hesitant to present my own prediction but I´m willing to give it a try. So here´s my own guess and I´m so interested which guild will get World First, US First, EU First and German First !

Further more, please bear in mind, that there are some guilds which has left real hardcore raiding (e.g. From Scratch, Danish Terrace), which has been dissolved (e.g. Serenity) or which have been reformed incl. a new name (e.g. former Impact, now Aversion).

1) World First

#1 Method (Horde)
#2 Экзорсус (Horde)
#3 Limit (Horde)

2) US First

#1 Limit (Horde)
#2 Easy (Alliance)
#3 Honestly (Alliance)

3) EU Frist

#1 Method (Horde)
#2 Экзорсус (Horde)
#3 ScrubBusters (Alliance)

4) German First

#1 Aversion (Horde)
#2 Gambit (Horde)
#3 A Dying Wish (Horde)

At the end of this introduction I´d like to underline even again that Argus the Unmaker will be a very hard challenge at the beginning. It could happen that there will be only three guilds at max in the world downing this boss long before any other guild is even near kill range. Regarding Christmas I´m quite sure that only very few guilds will clear the instance before holidays.

That´s it for the moment. We still have to wait a few hours but let´s get ready for World First race feeling !

Regards Tobi

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