My updated own UI (German video included)

Hi guys,

so, I´ve just updated my own interface and I´d like to share it with you. If you´ve got any further questions, just do not hesitate to ask.

Enjoy !

Old own UI (2016 / 2017)

Updated own UI (2018)

Main Addons


  • (1) Shadowed Unitframes (unitframes) (/shadoweduf) (Player -> Frame: Width 190 / Weight 49 / Scale 127%)
  • (2) Kui Nameplates (nameplates) (/kuinameplates) (Text: Normal Front Size 11 ; Hide non-tracked names ; Show Level Text) (Frame Sizes: 200) (Auras: Icon Size (normal) 50) (Show target arrows (+))
  • (3) Sexy Map (cool looking Mini Map option) (/sexymap)
  • (4) SP Timers (cooldown timer) (/sptimers) (Bars: Swap bars when change target (+) ; Unit Filter: Enabled ; Unit -> Target: Show) (Cooldown Line -> Style: Custom Text: 01 10 20 30 60 120)
  • (5) Quartz (cast bar) (/quartz)
  • (6) Bartender 4 (all relevant bars are not shown, you have to mouseover to see actual buttons) (/bt) (e.g. Pet Bar -> Visibility: Fate Out 0%)
  • (7) Weak Auras 2 (/wa) (Fragnance´s WAs ; class specific spells: Burning Rush, Dark Pact ; Drums ; Necklace (Heirlooms) ; Potion ; Soul Shards ; Sephuz Secret ; Wrath of Consumption)
  • (8) Details (damage meter) (/details config) (Skin Selection: ElvUI Style II) (Bars: General -> Appearance: Texture: Skyline ; Color by Player Class (+) ; Background: Texture: BantoBar) (Bars: Texts -> General: Text Size 16 ; Text Font Bazooka) (Bars: Advanced -> Upper 3D Model: Enabled ; Select Model: Arcane Zone M2) (Title Bar -> Text: Texts: Text Size 13 ; Text Font: Bazooka) (Window: Automization -> Auto Hide: When: While not in a group)

Additional addons


  • Mik´s Scrolling Battle Text (different presentation of damage and healing) (/msbt)
  • Angry Keystones (Mythic Plus)
  • Atlasloot Enhanced (loot overview) (/al)
  • Bag Brother (inventory)
  • Bagnon (inventory)
  • Chatter (change of design of chat text)
  • Exorsus Raid Tools (important raiding tool, e.g. note) (/exrt)
  • Garrison Mission Manager (missions in your Class Hall)
  • Gotta Go Fast (Mythic Plus)
  • Grid 2 (group and raid layout) (/grid2)
  • GTFO (raiding addon ; get notified if you take unnecesary damage)
  • Incognito (adds your real name in front of your messages ; especially cool to get in contact with new guild members)
  • Big Wigs (raiding tool) (/bigwigs) / Little Wigs (same for dungeons)
  • Master Plan (missions in your Class Hall)
  • Omen 3 (threat meter) (/omen config)
  • Omni CC (information about your cooldowns)
  • Pawn (stat weights of your items ; to be able to compare different items) (/pawn)
  • Postal (to open more mails asap)
  • Prat 3.0 (to be able to link URLs in whispers and group / guild chat)
  • Quick Quest (turn in quests instantly)
  • Raider.IO Mythic Plus (Mythic Plus Score by Raider.IO)
  • RCLootCouncil (to reward loot in raid) (/rc or /rclc)
  • SimulationCraft (to copy your current stats, talent build and so on to (/simc)
  • Trade Forwarder (to be able to follow Trade Chat everywhere in the world ; important for recruitment stuff) (/tfw)
  • World Quest Tracker (better overview about Artifact Power, item rewards, gold and so on)
  • Keyed (to know other people´s Mythic Plus keys)

MfG Tobi

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