Blizzcon 2014 (November 7 & 8, Anaheim, California, USA): Can we expect something really great ?

!!! Disclaimer: The following text contains a mix of rumors, spoilers and own speculation. Reading at your own risk !!! (man I´ve always wanted to write something like that^^)

Hi guys,

it´s been quite a while since my last English blog post. As some of you probably know I intentionally sought to write some blog posts in German language to underline some “familiarity” in terms of long WoW history and a lot more.

Nevertheless, in the following text I´d like to focus on one of the most interesting and appealing conventions when it comes to gaming, of course Blizzcon. Blizzcon in general could be understood as probably one of the best places out there to get used to a very unique universe of Blizzard Entertainment and everything involved.

If you visit Blizzcon it´s a bit like entering some specific fantasy realm by yourself. If you enter Blizzcon, you´re soul gets “corrupted” by specific lore, action and the entire atmosphere of games like World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and who knows how it will continue in near future.

I can only speak for myself but I really want to be part of Blizzcon quite every year. Due to very huge geograhpical distance I am only able to attend by using that virtual ticket but hey it´s ok and there has never been one single year of Blizzcon to regret it.

In less than 24 hours the new Blizzcon will begin. Up to now there are only few people on earth who know something specific about the fate of all relevant Blizzard games. In the past the most important place on the internet has always been MMO Champion, especially in terms of crucial information about unique World of Warcraft expansions. This year there is only vew information to find and no special leaks (one of the best examples by far: some revealing leaks about Cataclysm few days before start of Blizzcon).

From my point of view, the magic of Blizzcon has always been something comparable to the feeling of Christmas. It´s a bit difficult to explain, and the following may sound very childish but hey who cares. I´m very sure that most people in general attend Blizzcon to be first to know the secret. They want to experience this amazing atmosphere of both suspense and happiness or, let´s try to illustrate it in another way, they want to be the first kid being able to unbox all gifts at once and do do it live at Anaheim Convention Center, California, USA.

But hey, let´s get back to business. So, what can we expect from Blizzcon 2014 ?

I) Opening Ceremony of Blizzcon 2014 (starting 20:00 CEST)

This evening, the gaming world will be totally shocked but in a positive way, at least I hope it to be. This year World of Warcraft will celebrate its 10th anniversary, which is something really great. Such anniversaries usually have something in common, in such a situation Blizzard Entertainment is very keen to present some “Big”, something very new and an entire surprise to the whole gaming community.

In my opinion, Michael “Mike” Morhaime (President and CEO of Blizzard Entertainment) will announce not only a short teaser of the upcoming Warcraft Movie but also a very new Bliizard title called “Overwatch” and another Expansion Set called “Eye of Azhara” (

The entire crowd will freak out in a few hours and a lot of fansites and gaming journalists will have to cover a bunch of information.

II) Specific Games of Blizzard Entertainment

a) World of Warcraft

As written above, there are only some hints of a new Expansion Set and there are really quite a lot rumors. This time there is even another leak on Reddit ( This is nothing vey new in terms of Blizzcon but as you can see on MMO Champion, Blizzard itself tried to link the new trademark of “Eye of Azhara” with goblins and the region itself. These further information should be seen in regards to Hearthstone and some possibility of a lot of new cards and some extensions at all.

In my opinion “Eye of Azhara” will not be in connection to Hearsthone. Further more, Blizzard intentionally chose this specific title to start some new rumors by themselves. The wording of “Eye of Azhara” can be easily seen in terms of World of Warcraft (Queen Azshara and the entire South Sea plot) but also of Hearthstone (one of the most important goblin places in Azeroth is placed at the region Azhara and looks a bit like an eye).

I am very confident that “Eye of Azhara” will have the meaning of some new lore of Warcraft but also of a new shift of developing content in general. Blizzard has often underlned that they are very interested in releasing addons in a time frame of one year and even Warlords of Draenor should only get two raiding tiers. Blizzard has lost bunch of players and the announcement of EoA even before Wod is being released should be a synonym for new or refreshed faith in the special gaming philisophy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Azshara has always been one of the most interesting NPCs of Warcraft lore and if you really want to get more information about everything involved, you should also get some opportunity to explore it “live” in the World of Warcraft itself. Azshara will always be related to the Burning Legion and especially Sargeras (have a look at “War of the Ancients” as by far the best lore of Warcraft in general).

I guess, even if there is only very few information, players will even be able to play Demonhunters anytime. In this context Illidan itself will return as TBC (the second Expansion Set: “The Burning Legion”) has never lost its attraction to WoW players up to now. Few years ago Chris Metzen (Vice President of Development of Blizzard Entertainment) itself underlined the potential of bringing back Illidan one day and, I´m so sure, this return will be announced somehow tonight.

b) Diablo 3

In terms of Diablo the developers could also add some new cool information. Diablo 3 has received some new greatness via the last patch and the start of ladder in general. This is all fine and the second season should begin in about four weeks, I guess, but that´s not sufficient. The game really needs new features and something comparable to long-time motivation.

I am very uncertain what Blizz could add to Diablo but it has to be something big. At the moment there are only few well-known D3 streamers to find on twitch, at least until start of next ladder season. Perhaps Blizzard has tried a lot and is now willing to present something very new and entertaining. Let´s see, I still love this game but after some huge effort the game in general is just too repetitive.

c) Hearthstone

Hearthstone still needs the Observer Mode, it´s so important. I personally really love watching Hearthstone streams, especially some cool professional tournaments but it´s so difficult and costs a lot of money and time.

Further more, Heartsthone will of course get new card decks and one specific theme (but it will not be related to goblins of Azhara, I´m very convinced).

d) Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm

I´ve got no connection to both games at all, so it´s so complicated to reveal possible changes. I guess Blizzard will utilize both days of Blizzcon 2014 to annouance the third Expansion Set (Starcraft II) and the start of beta (Heroes of the Storm).


Let´s wrap it up; I´m very sure that this Blizzcon will offer something really great. In the last years every Blizzcon could provide some cool features but there has never been some real surprise and no real “Big Bang”. In a few hours this won´t be the case any more, Blizzard will blow our minds in terms of its own amazing universe.

So, let´s bring it on Blizz…



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