Oscars 2018 – Highlights and own thoughts

Hi guys,

so, it´s been a long night, and I kind of enjoyed the Oscars this year. Yes, there is a lot to talk about, #MeToo , Harvy Weinstein and even more.

Jimmy Kimmel is just brilliant as a host of such an important event. Some of his jokes were really mean but that´s what is needed, even in our times.

Regarding the best movies it´s too hard for me to present my own opinion. I couldn´t have a look at them up to now but I´m going to try to watch a lot of them this year.

Enjoy the following lines !

Listing of categories (sorted by value)

Best Picture

Actor in a Leading Role: Gary Oldman

Actress in a Leading Role: Frances McDormand


Actor in a Supporting Role

Actress in a Supporting Role

Original Song

Foreign Language Film

Documentary Feature

Documentary Short

Animated Feature

Animated Short

Adapted Screenplay

Original Screenplay

Visual Effects

Closing Remark

So, that´s it. I kind of enjoyed the Oscars 2018 but, and that´s also way too important, you shouldn´t expect too much, even in our times.

Thanks for reading, see you next year !

Regards Tobi


Source (Picture; free accessable): pixabay

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