Warlords of Draenor inc. : 24 hours live stream attempt of calsportal.eu (23:00 CEST, November 12th)

Update 6: It´s friday (28.11.14), atm it seems possible to stream like in the past. Let´s see how it will work. Stream is running for few minutes now, I´ll try to stream a lot in the next days.

Update 5: It´s thursday now (20.11.14), I could recover quite well in the last days but streaming seems to be not possible in general these days. My internet connection is just not constant enough when it comes to performance. I´m a bit pissed but yeah, that´s it for the moment !

Update 4: It´s sunday. I´ve been lying in bed due to some uncomfortable cold until today. I guess I´ll be quite ok tomorrow, perhaps even streaming will be possible but that´s also dependent on crazy log in queues !

Update 3: Very bad upload today, streaming´s so difficult atm. And WoW is lagging so much, too.

Update 2: No servers playable and I´m feeling fucking broken. Good night, wel´see us in few hours, I guess !

Update: Life is a bi…. I feel sick since noon today. I´ll stream until I really feel way too uncomfortable. We´ll see…


Hi guys,

I´d like to make it as short as possible. I´m very looking forward to November 13th 0:00 CEST. Every release of WoW expansions has always been one of the best times at all, and I´m very sure this will be the case with WoD also.

At the moment I´m planning to do my first 24 hours live stream attempt with WoD launching. To underline, I cannot promise anything because of some constant internet connnection issues a few days ago. Further more, I´ll quit streaming when I feel getting very uncomfortable with the entire situation, but I´ll try my best.

I´m so glad to be able to finally stream real content and nothing boring stuff like in the past. In addiition, I´ll try my best to deliver some glance into my own blog and why I do so in general. So, at the end I´m so happy about WoD going live, nevertheless what we´re going to do in WoD when it comes to raiding. I hope it will be a total blast and we´ll have lots of fun both in Draneor and on stream, of course.

So, let´s get prepared for such savage world with a lot of orcs, including Garrosh Hellstream. To remember some lore facts I´d like to refer to that old blog post in July (http://calsportal.eu/?m=201407). I guess, the lore of Draenor will be kickass like the WoD cinematic. So, let´s get ready because Warlords on Draneor are planning to pose a real threat to the fate of Azeroth !

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  1. ich streame übrigens auch – Powerleveling! Ziel ist es bis 6:00 Uhr Level 100 erreicht zu haben. wir leveln als 5er Gruppe und haben uns gut vorbereitet – ich bin gespannt 😉

  2. Viel Erfolg dabei, aber 6 Stunden ist sehr schwierig, glaube ich.

  3. auf dem testrealm haben es elche in 4:30 Std geschafft… machbar ist es auf jeden Fall, wenn die Server mitspielen

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