(Paragon WF, Method WS, Style Wars WT, Blood Legion US First, Refuge German First) World First Race, Highmaul Mythic: Coverage by calsportal.eu (Update 21 December)

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Hi guys,

it´s been a very very very long time since the so called “World First Race” of Siege of Ogrimmar (SoO) at the end of Mists of Pandaria (MoP). Tonight the actual race, a lot of people have been waiting for for ages, starts again and I guess it has never been so brilliant in the last years. Blizzard Entertainment has changed the entire end game of World of Warcraft via introducing the so called Mythic mode, which is only doable with exactly 20 members in the raid. In the last World First Race Method (25, EU) and Paragon (10, EU) could climp up the wall as quick as nobody else, but this time everything looks totally different !

The new Mythic mode has made it possible for a lot of very well known guilds, e.g. Vodka (by far one of the best US guilds overall), to return as strong as possible. Because of that it is so difficult to present a own bet but I´ll try to do so in the upcoming lines !

I´ve personally done some coverage a few times now but nothing was really comparable to the last race. It literally took four weeks until the real ending with all relevant first kills (seen on global, regional and local level). In general calsportal.eu is something like a mix of German and English texts and this is also true for the upcoming coverage. In the past I covered that special race in German language and focused on German speaking guilds, of course. I´ll try to find a suitable solution to this “problem” in near future.

A lot of talking but now let´s have a look at the most important (and sometimes well-known guilds out there). I´m not sure if wowprogress is going to include Asian guilds as well but we´ll see in a few hours, starting this night !

Most interesting US guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Blood Legion (Horde)
Midwinter (Alliance)
vodka (Alliance)

Most interesting Oceaning guilds (in US list on wowprogress due to the same time zone) (in terms of former rankings):

Ascension (Horde)
Adapt (Alliance)


Most interesting EU guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Method (Horde)
Paragon (Horde)
Last Resort (Horde)
Scrubbusters (Alliance)
Envy (Horde)
Moonzlinge (a merge of Moonz and Hordlinge, two former German speaking 10 man guilds) (Horde)
Raid Eye Movement (Horde)
Refuge (Horde)
TG Gaming (only regarding to their last position in SoO Heroic progress)
Inner Sanctum (Alliance)
Ascendance (Horde)
Экзорсус (Horde)


Most interesting German speaking guilds (in terms of former rankings):

Moonzlinge (Horde)
Hope n Despair (Horde)
Refuge (Horde)
TG Gaming (Horde)
Affenjungs INC (Horde)
set sail for fail (Horde)
Advance (Horde)
Schwingen des Phoenix (Alliance)
Flawless (Horde)


This is just a very rough list of possible very competitive guilds. It has never been so difficult to assess the potential performance at the end. I´m really hesitant to present my own prediction but I´m willing to give it a try. So here´s my own guess and I´m so interested which guild will get World First, US First, EU First and German First !

1) World First

#1 Method (Horde)
#2 Paragon (Horde)
#3 Blood Legion (Horde)

2) US First

#1 Blood Legion (Horde)
#2 vodka (Alliance)
#3 Midwinter (Alliance)

3) EU Frist

#1 Method (Horde)
#2 Paragon (Horde)
#3 Экзорсус (Horde)

4) German First

#1 TG Gaming (Horde)
#2 Moonzlinge (Horde)
#3 Refuge (Horde)

At the end of this introduction I´d like to underline that I´m very convinced, the actual end boss of the first raid instance of the first raid tier of WoD will not be down in the first ID but in the second.

That´s it for the moment, we´ll see us around 1 am CEST this night !


9 December 2014


And here we go… Mythic raiding has begun on US realms and both the Arsenal of Blizz and wowprogress are representing something strange. Blood Legion killed Kargath Bladefist (1M) but the most interesting opponent Midwinter has killed Twin Ogron too. This can´t be real as Midwinter would give up their chance to get World First. Let´s see what will happen next. Blood Legion seems to be currently fighting The Butcher, the second boss of the instance and the actual Patchwerk fight. Could be interesting when Blood Legion will be #1 in the US again.


Ok, it could also be the case that it´s possible to skip The Butcher and just get to the next bosses without fighting him. If this was true, Midwinter would be very ahead in terms of gearing. To beh honest, this would be so strange as this is something like a gatekeeper boss, at least it should be.


As it seems it is really possible to run to the Twin Ogron after killing the first boss. I personally don´t like this at all. I am ok with some guilds choosing special bosses but to skip the second boss without killing is very strange. I´m not sure how to judge some move.


The entire issue with The Butcher left aside, here you can have a look at some other guild, currently fighting Twin Ogron. As a sidenote, Ascencion has got the World First Kill of Twin Ogron, followed by Midwinter.

Affli Lock stream of Overture

Watch live video from Sinnical on www.twitch.tv


Ascension just downed Brackenspore and is now leading with three encounters down on mythic. Let´s see which boss they are willing to progress next.

10 December 2014


Overture just downed Twin Ogron and is now at 2 Mythic also. Let´s see what´s the case with Blood Legion. Overture is now going to fight against Brackenspore (M) in the upcoming minutes.


Still no Butcher kill by any guild. Nevertheless I´ll stick with my guess, Blood Legion will down the Butcher as US first but besides that I´m not sure if they are really heading to this encounter or not. Time will tell…


Good Morning. To be honest this race is so strange. There is still no Butcher kill and most guilds are stuck at 2 Mythic. The only exceptional case is Ascension, leading with 4 Mythic as they could kill even the sixth of seven bosses. So that´s the situation at the moment. EU guilds are getting ready to start or they are already, can´t tell exactly.

#1 Ascension (Horde) 4 Mythic (note: Oceanic guild but on US realm) -> they killed Koragh on Mythic as fourth boss after Kargath Bladefist, Twin Ogron and Brackenspore
#2 Midwinter (Alliance) 3 Mythic -> they killed Tectus on Mythic as third boss after Kargath Bladefist and Twin Ogron
#3 Avast (Horde) 2 Mythic (note: Oceanic guild but on US realm too) -> they killed Brackenspore on Mythic as thrid boss after Kargath Bladefist and Twin Ogron
#4 Nightmare Asylum (Horde) 2 Mythic
#5 Overture (Horde) 2 Mythic
#6 Duality (Horde) 2 Mythic
#7 Vulgar (Alliance) 2 Mythic
#9 Modest (Alliance) 2 Mythic
#10 Blood Legion (Horde) 2 Mythic

According to latest data of wowprogress.com Blood Legion is just on #10. I really can´t understand the reason for being so bad at the moment. Perhaps they tried to get Butcher down and couldn´t make it and headed over to Tectus and couldn´t make it there neither. Nevertheless the most interesting point is so far that there is no vodka on first page of US realms. I personally can´t understand why they are so behind, at least for the moment.

In the next minutes and hours EU guilds will become strong and guilds like Method, Paragon, Envy, Moonzlinge and perhaps TG Gaming will raid a lot today. Let´s see which bosses they will be able to kill.


The russian guild Экзорсус (exorsus) have already downed 2 bosses on Mythic, Kargath Bladefist and Twin Ogron as well, followed by Envy, another russian guild I really don´t know, TG Gaming and Refuge on German speaking side with 1 Mythic each.


Rapid Eye Movement of the server “Tarren Mill” could down Twin Ogron as well, so two EU guilds with 2 Mythic at the moment.


Envy is now at 2 Mythic also and Method has started raiding now. There is still no kill by Paragon but I guess they want to grab some gear before going Mythic.


Method gets stronger as they are the only guild in the EU so far with 3 encounters on Mythic. They´ve just managed to down Brackenspore after Twin Ogron and Kargath Bladefist. So where´s Paragon right now ?


Here´s a stream of probably the only EU guild currently streaming. I don´t know the guild “From Scratch” but that doesn´t matter. They´re now at 2 Mythic and they are streaming the entire instance, as far as I know.

Watch live video from W_Lapin on www.twitch.tv


Method just downed Tectus on Mythic like Midwinter few hours ago but there is a very important difference. Method is the only guild which could manage to down Brackenspore and Tectus. Ascension intentionall, at lest I guess, Koragh and not Tectus the last night. So, Method is strong like always but where the hell is Paragon, are they still looting gear as much as possible due to the fact that no guild will clear the instance in the first ID ?


Rapid Eye Movement has just downed Brackenspore on Mythic mode. This makes them #2 in EU at the moment and #5 in the world. In the meantime Paragon has started raiding but no 2 Mythic kills so far.


Paragon has just downed Brackenspore also. If I´m right, they tried to loot as much gear as possible with a lot of different groups (not sure about that) but that´s not the matter any more. It seems Paragon has prepared enough to start raiding on highest level again. In regards to this fact the next boss should go down in the next two hours.


The Russian guild exorsus managed to kill Brackenspore as well. So there are on the same level as Rapid Eye Movement and Paragon, but still miles away from Method.


Paragon and Method seem to have found their own business. Both guilds are the only EU guilds with 4 M now. From my point of view the actual race is picking up pace right now and like in the past it seems to become Method versus Paragon.


Method grabs the first really interesting kill of Koragh. Besides that, the Russians show again their ability to be one of the best guilds in the world. exorsus is now also part of the 4 Mythic team. From now on Method can reach the endboss of Highmaul on Myhtic mode via a Butcher kill. This will be an insane DPS requirement but hey Method is still Method !

11 December 2014


exorsus could manage to kill Koragh as World thrid. Now it´s getting very interesting and Paragon is required to raid as hardcore as possible to get a shot at the last encounter of Highmaul on Mythic difficulty.


And here we go, Paragon is back in action. So, there are only three guilds in the world with 5 Mythic and all three are from European servers. Where are all the US guilds and especially, where the hell is Blood Legion this raid tier ?


Ascension is back. They are now on top with the other three EU guilds and all these are now pushing their heads against the wall as The Butcher on Mythic. It´s very late now in Germany, good night everyone reading this. Will be back quite early this morning !


Hi, I’m not home at the moment but nothing changed so far. Blood Legion and Midwinter 4 Mythic now also.


Method kills The Butcher as World First and is now the only raiding guild in the world standing infront of the endboss.


exorsus has managed to kill The Butcher as well. So let´s see how much time Paragon will need to get to Imperator Mar´gok !

12 December 2014


Fourth day of progress and there is still no thrid kill of The Butcher. In contrast there is some change in terms of performance at Koragh. Rapid Eye Movement (EU), Practice (EU), From Scratch (EU), Moonzlinge (EU), Midwinter (US) and Avast (OC) have killed Koragh now. In my opinion guilds like Rapid Eye Movement, Practice and From Scratch present something like the real surprise in this progress so far. Further more, the German speaking guild Moonzlinge currently underline how strong a very well planned merge of two top 10 10 man-groups could become. They are without a doubt one of the best guilds on European realms (#7) and inn the world (#9). Congratulations to them and all the other guilds fighting The Butcher right now !


For everyone able to understand German language I´d like to recommend the so called “Raidtalk” by vanion.eu. Perhaps some hardcore players will even stop by. Every further information you can directly find at http://www.vanion.eu/news/progress-feed-hochfels-mythisch-highmaul-mythic-moonzlinge-mit-german-first-bei-ko-ragh-12726


I´ve personally have never seen Ascension so strong as in this current raid tier. The performance is by far one of the best you can achieve and even Paragon seems to not stand The Butcher, at least for the moment. As a reminder Ascension (in SoO #30 among 25 man guilds in the world) is now the third guild in the world getting a chance to fight the Imperator, what a surprise, seriously guys !


Here´s the “Raditalk” stream and Kimuh is currently saying that it is no rumor, Paragon is trying to kill the Imperator before The Butcher. To be honest, this so fucking strange but hey if it´s ok for Blizz, it should be ok for everyone playing WoW.

Watch live video from VanionEU on www.twitch.tv


Another surprise has come to life. Ascendance (EU) could kill The Butcher as world #5. This is absolutely new to me as I´ve never seen this guild competing on such a high performance level. Let´s see if Paragon´s strategy will work, if it doesn´t they will be very behind in terms of 7 Mythic. Could become very interesting in the next hours and especially the entire weekend !

13 December 2014


Blood Legion and Midwinter are now also at 6 Mythic. So, Paragon seems the only guild going for a World First Kill of the Imperator Morgak at call costs. If this screenshot is true, Paragon has triggered the last phase of the final encounter, which could be a very huge advantage in contrast to other guilds.


Further more, that´s the VoD of the mentioned “Raidtalk” by Vanion.eu


Nothing important of a change so far. BIZZNO (never heard of them before, sorry guys) and Envy could now kill The Butcher as well, so it´s still Paragon who are not intentionally aiming to kill him, they seem to focus on World First of Imperator even more and more.


And it is real. The entire strategy of Paragon seems to have worked perfectly. Paragon killed Imperator Margok few minutes ago, as the most important World First kill in the entire dungeon. Now they can walk over to The Butcher and kill him and let them finish the first part of this raid tier. I´ll stick with my own opinion, I don´t like the whole concept of fighting the endboss before fighting some kind of a Patchwerk encounter. I don´t know why Blizzard really wanted to change the requirement of all Mythic to trigger the Imperator on Mythic mode but that´s the case and the dream is real, at least that´s what a lot of Paragon member could have in mind at the moment. Gratz to Finland and please kill The Butcher as well !


The race if over. Paragon managed to knock out The Butcher and they are the first guild in the Western world with 7/ Mythic. Congratulations again, they´re really underlining their commitment and skill right now, like in the past. So, it´s again, Paragon #1 in the world and it´s so fuck… deserved !

15 December 2014


Method could become the second guild in the world to clear the entire Highmaul instance on Mythic mode. Gratz to Method, even if it could be so frustrating to dominate the 25 raid scene for a very long time and to be only number 2 in the world any more. So, which guild is going to be #3 in the world ? I guess it will be exorsus or perhaps even Ascension to make their dream real, who kows…


Here´s the second part of “Raidtalk” by vanion.eu. Could be quite interesting to watch. Plase, bear in mind that the talk happened this afternoon, so nobody could consider Method becoming World Second and Impact achieving German First of The Butcher, followed by Refuge some hours later !


Here are both kill screens of Paragon and Method. One important note is also it took Paragon 122 tries to kill Imperator Mar´gok (a fight lasting over 15 minutes in most of the tries) and 121 tries to kill The Butcher (only a 4 minutes hard enrage).


source: http://www.paragon.fi/news/imperator-margok-mythic-down

View post on imgur.com

source: http://www.methodwow.com/board/content.php?385-Highmaul-Cleared


And there we go, Style War, a quite unknown Chinese guild, could manage to get #3, about few minutes ago (about 15 minutes) but the Russian guild exorsus, I´ve mentioned few lines before, has also been very close to get bronze medal. So, Paragon, now you can release your World First video, a lot of people have been waiting for quite some time now !


Another PoV of the French guild “From Scratch”. They´re currently progressing the Imperator and one of the best tries has been around 32% or something like that, not completely sure about that.

Watch live video from aleuuh on www.twitch.tv

18 December 2014


There is no news worth talking about. So, here´s the third part of “Raidtalk” by vanion.eu, enjoy it once again, at least when you´re able to understand German.


The wait is over, finally, Paragon´ve just released their World First video. This video is so much fun to watch and the entire fight, I don´t want to spoil the events in the last phase, is just pure epicness. No doubt, this could be one of the endbosses of the expansion as a whole but it´s just the beginning. Just enjoy the video and I guess a lot of people would love to reroll to Enhancer Shaman after wachting^^ !


So, there are also two new Mar´gok kills on Mythic mode. Ascension (OC) and Envy (EU) are now #5 and #6 in the world. Of course you could call a surprise but at least regarding to the overall performance of Ascension it´s just their own Christmas present and it´s so deserved, at least in my opinion. Congratulations to 5 guilds up to now for clearing the entire content in less then two IDs now !

21 December 2014


And there it is. Refuge is the first German speaking guild overall who could complete the entire dungeon so far. That´s a bit of surprise, especially because of Moonzlinge and TG Gaming could not become better in contrast. So, that´s the current situation:

Current ranking of the best guilds in the world (according to 7/7 Mythic):

1. Paragon (World First) (EU) (Horde)
2. Method (World Second) (EU) (Horde)
3. Style Wars (World Third) (CN) (Alliance)
4. Экзорсус (EU) (Horde)
5. Ascension (OC) (Horde)
6. Envy (EU) (Horde)
7. Ascendance (EU) (Horde)
8. Practice (EU) (Horde)
9. Blood Legion (US First) (Horde)
10. 清水星辰 (CN) (Horde)
11. 天啟 (CN) (Horde)
12. Rapid Eye Movement (EU) (Horde)
13. Refuge (German First) (EU) (Horde)

The following conclusion of the first part of raid tier one of WoD will be added in the next days !

Regards Tobi


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