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Oscars 2017 – Highlights and own thoughts

Hi guys, every year in February it´s Oscars´time. This year everything could have been so different. It could have become the most politically heated Oscars of all time, but it just wasn´t the case. The United States of America, Hollywood and President Donald J. Trump, how is it even possible …

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Mu Legend CBT 2 – February 21st to February 28th – I am ready !

Hi guys, as you probably know there are very few games in 2017 I´m really hyped for. One of the most anticipated ones is Mu Legend. Apparently there is no new content in second Closed Beta. it´s main purpose is about testing new localization implementation (English, French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish …

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Post Armamentarium und Delirium – Ich suche wieder eine Gilde

Hallo zusammen, nach der Auflösung meiner Raidgemeinschaft “Armamentarium” (7/7 HC ; 3/3 Nhc) und einem eher kurzen Aufenthalt bei “Delirium” (Nhc clear ; 4/10 HC ; Spellblade Aluriel 11% Best Try ; Star Augur Etraeus 8% Best Try) suche ich nun für mich, unabhängig von der Entscheidung der anderen früheren …

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