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Hardcore raiding in Wildstar: “Wildstar Progress”

Hi guys, some of you know me for a few years now. Regarding MMORPGS one of the most important aspects is following raid progress. As a common World of Warcraft player you have certainly heard the website “wow progress”. Here everyone can have a look at the current raid progress …

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Rest in Peace Ares

Sad story to tell… The one and only leopard gecko called Ares (some kind of my logo these days) passed away few minutes ago. I don´t want to write too much as it is hard enough to even think about. Just rest in peace best pet in the world, I …

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Wildstar, my huge hope (Part III/ Final Part)

Hi guys, it´s been quite a long time now. Tomorrow is probably the most important day for Carbine Studios as Wildstar finally goes live. At first I wanted to write four texts before Head Start but in the end I´ve decided to end this series with this text. In contrast …

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