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Wildstar F2P calsportal.eu stream tomorrow

Update (30.9.15; 01:46 CEST): I had to turn off the stream for many hours about two to three times yesterday, the entire F2P launch is quite dissapointing. Carbine tries to do everything possible but for a lot of players it´s not fun to be unable to create a new character, …

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Some heated discussion about the potential fate of Wildstar and comparison to WoW (Teamspeak mumbling in German language)

Hi guys, actually Carsten (some friend of mine) and myself just wanted to do some rifts on ladder in Diablo 3 RoS. Few minutes before I had read the following thread on wildstar-arkship.de (http://www.wildstar-arkship.de/news/aktueller-stand-raidprogress-in-wildstar-genarchiv-und-datenzone/11145/). This was some kind of starting point to me to get into a panel discussion about …

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