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Zero Crit Shenlong´s Monk build

Hi guys, I´ve just seen this build at Diablo Fans. There are two videos explaining the build, when it comes to play style and mandatory items. I´ll personally try to get all the items and give it a try because I often like playing a tanky Monk and spamming Cyclone …

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Season 4 hype is real ! Start: 17:00 CEST

[wpdevart_countdown text_for_day=”Days” text_for_hour=”Hours” text_for_minut=”Minutes” text_for_second=”Seconds” start_time=”1440761776″ end_time=”0,3,24″ action_end_time=”hide” content_position=”center” top_ditance=”10″ bottom_distance=”10″ ][/wpdevart_countdown] I´ll be streaming later this evening, about 20:00 CEST, let´s see but it will be awesome and the new Monk build will rule ! Watch live video from Andarius11 on www.twitch.tv … regards Tobi calsportal.eu source (picture ; …

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Patch 2.3 will be released tomorrow ! (EU)

Hi guys, this website hasn´t even been totally finished up to now but I´d like to stress once more that there is new content in Diablo 3 around the corner. To be honest, I´m not even prepared for Season 4 as I should be, I guess. In the last weeks …

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